Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An Attempt at a Slide Show!

Whew -- last week was so hectic crazy-busy. Got back from Orlando on Monday, back to work on Tuesday and was very busy at work. Add to that -- the laundry and suitcases and seem to be everywhere -- and we are finally getting some order back to household.
Maddy and I spent Saturday afternoon raking leaves and cleaning up the front yard. We could see the daffodils peaking through the leaves and other snipppets of green here and there. Some rain and warm sunny days will make the yard come alive, I just know it! Today, we baked an incredibly yummy lemon cake and took it to my parents for a little belated Easter celebration. The cake turned out great and I loved it too -- even though it wasn't chocolate -- surprise, surprise!
And, as promised, here are some more pics from Florida.

Edited to add: Am not sure why the slide show doesn't show up -- any one have any suggestions? Thanks!

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