Saturday, April 12, 2008


The bridal shower for Catherine today was so lovely and fun! Even the grey skies and chilly temps couldn't dampen any one's spirits. Do you believe -- there were snow flurries on the drive there????? Ugh! It was a luncheon shower at a sweet little restaurant called Le Peep! Too cute! There were so many relatives there that I hadn't seen in ages, including my aunts and a number of cousins. We got to meet Catherine's sister and two sisters-in-law and her Grandmother. And let me tell you -- if the rest of the family is as friendly and fun as they are -- Philip is really getting a great group! The food was yummy -- I had a Denver omelet (I'm sure it was diet -- ha ha!)

Catherine received tons of great gifts!! Seriously, everyone was so generous and the gifts ranged from an adorable teapot in their chosen pattern (Polish Peacock) to wine glasses, serving dishes, a Waterford crystal bowl, silverware and much more. It really was wonderful and so nice that so many in my family and hers were able to get together and celebrate the upcoming wedding.

One of my cousins gave a little welcome to the family -- luckily it didn't scare Catherine off -- even when she mentioned that Catherine is joining a family of hunters -- walnut hunters!! Really, when I was growing up, the entire family went black walnut hunting (yay -no weapons needed) every fall. I think the only one who ate the black walnuts was my dear departed grandfather and the rest of family threw the walnuts out in the winter to squirrels!

Anyway, Maddy was an angel and so I'm adding a pic from the shower [rats -- you cannot see my super-long eyelashes and I really needed to stand up straighter!] and of Maddy as she tried on her flower girl dress last night. So much fun -- I am now beat and ready to collapse on the couch and spend the evening watching Lion King I and II -- Miss M's favs!


Lisa said...

you all look so beautiful! Sounds like a great time, except for the snow!!

Jodee Leader said...

Wow! It looks like you had a blast at Catherine's shower. I didn't realize that both sides of the family would be there. Cute pictures too!

Shari said...

Glad to hear the shower went so well!! Maddy's dress fits great!!

Bridget said...

Sounds like a wonderful shower. You guys look great as well! I love Maddy's dress!

Kate said...

Maddy looks lovely...and you are gorgeous!!! The bride to be looks adorable! It sounds like a smashing success....the first of many fun events for your family!!