Monday, June 2, 2008

The Wedding Report!

My oldest son got married last Saturday! Wasn't she the most beautiful bride ever!!! It was such a lovely day and ceremony! Rick and I are so proud and happy for the newlyweds. We're still floating on air from the joy and happiness of the day! Congratulations Philip and Catherine!

[A bit of a disclaimer on the photos -- I was trying to stay out of the photographer's way and had a new camera -- I'm sure there are many better photos to come!]

Let me back up just a bit. The rehearsal was Friday afternoon and went well, though the priest seemed just a bit mixed up at times. He had another wedding starting soon after the rehearsal and was, perhaps, getting a bit anxious to finish the rehearsal. The little kids (6 in all) seemed to understand their assignments . . . time would tell. Anyway, after the rehearsal, we had the rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant in their sunroom. Can I take all the credit for it (since I did plan and arrange it) and say that it was simply perfect!! It was a lovely day and the sun was streaming in, there was yummy food and drink and loads of relatives and friends -- just so much fun!

The day of the wedding started bright and early for Maddy and me as we headed off to hair appts at 8 am. Maddy wanted her hair to look like Gabriella's (High School Musical), and the hairdresser used lots of products and hairspray and gave her lots of curls! Bonus -- the hairdresser did a great job on my unruly hair too -- I Loved It!! It was so fun and time passed quickly for us to get back and get ready and get to the church by 10 am.

The wedding was so lovely, personal and just perfect for Philip and Catherine. Likewise, the reception was fun, the food was great and the gathering showed their love of family and friends. Lots of dancing went on and Maddy and Simon (one of her new best friends) could really move!

And since you have all shared in my last few months of prep work for the wedding, here's a quick photo of me and Maddy at the end of the evening --it was such a wonderful day!! And now the newlyweds are off to Rome tomorrow for a 10-day honeymoon. Have fun!!


Shari said...

Great pics!! I can't wait to see even more!! You and Maddy looked so nice!!! Glad to hear everything went well!!!

Bridget said...

I was waiting to see the pictures. I'm glad everything turned out great! It sounds like it was a wonderful couple of days! The bride and groom are lovely as are the flower girl and Mother of the groom:)I love the picture of you and Maddy- you both look so pretty. Glad it all went so well!

Jodee Leader said...

Wow! It looks like you had a fabulous wedding weekend! Great pictures! I hope your long lashes survived the whole weekend. Can't wait to see more pictures tomorrow!

Congratulations, Philip and Catherine!

Lisa said...

Oh so beautiful!! I am glad it went so well. I love weddigns and wedding pics. Can't wait to see more.


Lisa said...

Wow! It looks like you had a wonderful wedding weekend. Congratulations! Thank you for your sweet message, I'm alway happy to meet new blogging friends. By the way, your daughter Maddy is ADORABLE!

Kerry said...

Oh my- everyone looked so beautiful. Maddy is beautiful with her High School Musical Hair. And the happy couple are gorgeous.
You must have been so happy and proud. Now some time to relax.


Chris & Deb said...

What beautiful pictures from the wedding.....sounds like everything was just perfect!

Lori said...

Oh how wonderful, congratulations to the newlyweds and congratulations on your new daughter-in-law!! What a stunning bride!!
You look quite stunning yourself! :)

Jill said...

What wonderful photos and the one of Maddie and Simon. Priceless. And Rome...sigh. Now that is a honeymoon.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit our blog!

You have a beautiful family....looks like you all had fun at the wedding!

Will check back soon!


paige said...


Kimber said...

BEAUTIFUL! Does it feel odd to have a married son? I cannot imagine the day. The bride is gorgeous. Maddie looks as cute as can be and they look very happy together. You look beautiful too:)

Keri said...

The wedding looks like it turned out beautiful. What a lovely bride! Maddy is gorgeous as usual. You look amazing too. Such a perfect day. Congratulations.