Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's August - Time for Some Changes!

It's that time of year again, isn't it?! All kinds of changes coming up. Maddy starts first grade next week! Cboo (aka Connor) will be a senior at the university and is moving to an apt close to campus soon (sniff, sniff, we'll miss having him at home)! Philip will be starting his second year of med school and his bride, Catherine, will be starting her first full-time teaching position -- teaching Spanish at an all-girls Catholic high school. Plus, Philip and Catherine are moving into their very first house together!!! I like changes, I really do -- but they sometimes make me a wee bit nervous. Not so much about Philip, Catherine and Connor. They'll all do just fine -- but, you know, Moms always worry anyway, don't we!

Mostly I worry about Maddy now. Will she be ok in first grade?? Will her teacher be as nice as her kindergarten teacher? Will Maddy remember to speak up louder and not use her itty-bitty voice? Will she tell the teacher if she can't hear her? I'm sure the first few days will be a little challenging, especially until they get the FM-system set up in her classroom. Our public school system is required to provide her with services due to her hearing loss. But, since she goes to a private Catholic school, they wait until after they have all of the public schools taken care of first.
I can't recall if I wrote about the FM system before, but it is is very cool. Basically, once it's set up in her classroom, the teacher wears a microphone and there is a little boot attached to Maddy's hearing aid. The teacher's voice then goes directly from the microphone to Maddy's hearing aid. Then Maddy can hear her better and doesn't have to have all of the background noise and kids voices to deal with too.

So, those are just some of the changes coming up for us. How about you? Do you have a lot of changes coming up soon to deal with too? How do you cope? More chocolate? Me too!!


Kate said...

Jan...I always strugglethis time of year as Lia and I both get ready to head back to school. Even though it is the third year, I am starting to feel anxiety about leaving her. Chocolate all around..I agree!!

I usd to do a lot of subbing in a classroom that had one of those microphone systems. It worked very well for the little boy and it was just a matter of course with all the kids in the class. I am sure this is an extra worry for you...but I know Maddy will be just fine in "big school"! :-)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh we are so dreading back to school....we start the day after Labor Day and it will be difficult!

We have had a very fun filled summer and it will be difficult for Nick to get back into his routine!!

This is a big year for Miss Maddy!!

Good luck.....I am sure she will do fine!!


Jodee Leader said...

I bet Miss Maddy will love first grade! Hope they get her FM system set up sooner, than later!

Can't wait to hear about both moves! I want a tour of Conner's new apartment!

Yes -- bring on the chocolate with change!

Lisa said...

I cope with cookies....but you already know that!

Erin said...

First grade is so much fun, but so exhausting. My kids have always come home so worn out for awhile. The adjustment is rough. You send your heart to school with your children, and especially when there is a potential for difficulty. Maddy seems so happy and well-adjusted. Here's my prayer that school is kind to her. Your boys are remarkable. Really top notch!

Rebecca said...

Yes, more chocolate!! :) I am actually homeschooling this year (for the first time) and that just makes for even MORE nerves!!!

Your family is beautiful... and I think Maddy will do wonderfully this year. I hope she gets matched with the perfect teacher who will be sensitive to her.


Shari said...

Bring on the chocolate! I am sure Maddy will do great with 1st grade!!

Bella's momma said...

girl you sure do have the changes coming on. I agree I think a HUGE box of chocolate is in order!!!

Jake and Taryn said...

Hoping all of the changes go very well! I am sure Maddy will do fine, but I guess there are always those worries when it comes to change. And of course...bring on the chocolate!

3 Peanuts said...

I hope first grade goes well! Your kiddos are REALLY growing up! I think change is always scary. As you know we are looking at A LOT of change her in the next state, new town, new schools, new house, new friends...YIKES!

Thank you for always leaving me such nice comments. I appreciate them.

Cindi said...

Will pray for Miss Maddy, that everything will go flawlessly for her in the classroom, that she will be able to hear exquisitely well, that she will adore her teacher, and that she will make some wonderful new friends - fast.

Bridget said...

Change is always a little hard for me as well. I hope Maddy has a great year in school and that her FM system is up and running (it sounds pretty amazing). Your boys sound like they are doing well - but growing up. I hope all the changes bring happiness for everyone! Have a great week!

- Bridget

Donna said...

I can totally relate to your worries about first grade - Emma starts next week. I had a nightmare last night that we went to open house and found out none of her friends were in her class and her teacher was horrible. I'm hoping things turn out much better than that!

Coach Nancy said...

Hi Jan,
Will be working with an FM system with a first grader at our school. We don't start until Sept. 8th so would appreciate any tips or glitches you run into. Fortunately for our family, the school district she lives in (we have a lot of children from different towns that drive or take the train to us) agreed to pay for it, as long as she lives in the district. Technically here, the school district that the school the child goes to is suppose to cover it, but the doctor in charge of our district has decided that hearing is not a priority, does not like private Christian schools, and only gives $ to speech and language problems that go to the private schools - she refuses to help with hearing impaired! We were thankful that the doctor from the area she lives in doesn't think that way.
Anyway - let me know how it works. Will be praying that the start of school goes well for Maddy (and Mom).