Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sports and Me!

Last night, Maddy and I went out to dinner with our friends, Mei and her mom. We were chatting a bit about school starting soon and the various sports and activities that begin in the fall: soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, dance, etc. Mei loves sports -- she's doing it all -- or as much of it as she can talk her mom into signing up for on the dotted line! When Mei asked Maddy, what sports she's doing -- Maddy responded, "None - I don't like sports!" Aackkk -- what have I done?? Do I have a little couch potato on my hands? Have I turned her into a mini-me?!!! Yep, you guessed it -- I am not very athletic. Oh yeah, I go to the Y nearly every day over my lunch hour, but that is really so that I can eat more chocolate -- not because I really enjoy it and using a treadmill or elliptical is hardly athletic.

I tried some sports in junior high and high school -- softball -- that was the worst!! I remember it like it was yesterday . . . I was the girl that everyone knew was an automatic out every time up at bat. I could not hit that ball to save my life. Really, I think I played a whole season without getting a single hit! It was excruciating!! I cringe even now thinking about it! Then, I tried track -- surely I could run -- everyone can run, right! Yeah sure, and somebody's gotta be last -- but did it always have to be me??? No, track was not my sport, either. How about tennis? I tried that so I could play with the Mr. and the boys. I LOVED the outfits, but could not get my serve in to save my life. Are you noticing a pattern here?? I guess the moral of the story is that I tried. And I still exercise and so that's the important thing. It's ok to not excel in sports. Somebody has to be there cheering the real athletes on, right. There we go -- that's my talent -- I'm a really, really good spectator!

Maddy does like tumbling and gymnastics, so we'll give that a try again. And I'm signing her up for a little theater class called "The Teddy Bear Picnic" with the hope that it will help her to speak louder and give her confidence a boost. Since there's a Teddy Bear involved, I think she'll like it. In the meantime, we will do the everyday sports of walking, running, jumping and encourage her to exercise, try new things and have fun. After all, that's what being an athlete at her age is all about.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Some kids are just not into sports! I might be hangin myself here, but I personally think that there is too much emphasis on sports at such a young age.

Nick has some friends that are out everyday of the week at practice and games and they are not just involved in 1 sport....it is many sports. The kids are exhausted and rundown....not too mention, when do they find time to do homework.

When I was a child, we picked one thing and that was it!!

Nick was not big into sports and I did not push him at a young age....he finally decided he wanted to try soccer and now that is sport...he loves it!

When Maddy is ready, she will tell you!

Sorry to go on and on...but this is something that has always bothered me...kids are just way to competitive at such a young age!!

Lisa said...

The Teddy Bear theatre class sounds like fun. My Ellie would much rather dress up like a princess than play soccer, but that's right now, who knows what she'll want to do next year. Just like Lisa said, when Maddy is ready for sports, she will tell you.

Kate said...

Listen...you obviously did a fine job raising your sons...so I hope you are not second guessing yourself!!! Maddy looks to be the picture of health and hapiness in EVERY SINGLE picture. If soprts aren't her thing...then you know, sports aren't her thing!!

I have my own personal opinion that so may kids are over scheduled and family time really suffers because of it. Maddy is just a baby (realtively speaking!). She will have lots of time to get involved in whatever activities intereest her!!

Keep doing what you're doing...and really...the Y everyday??? Impressive lady!!

Kerry said...

We have tried a few sports too and are still looking for one that Grace really loves. Like Maddy- she is more of a gymnastics/dance type of girl. They are so active at this age- never in one place. Nice to try new things- but hate to force them into it.

I actually had a mom making me feel bad about not having G in piano lessons by now- like at 4 she is way way behind and will never get it. Only reason we were there was because G wanted to try it. We'll see- but if G is great- I can't wait for this mom know it!

Hugs! And I was in all the sports growing up- but am in the same boat as you now- dragging myself to the gym and not enjoying a single moment.

Jodee Leader said...

I can sooo relate to this post! I don't have an athletic bone in my body and I tried several sports while in school too!

I hope Kamree would rather dance than do sports some day! However, it's only one thing at a time at our house too! We need down time!

Erin said...

After four active sons, and having gone to literally EVERY sport, I'm thrilled to have a go at ballet and violin. I am not athletic either (though I run almost every day so that, like you,I'll be able to eat treats), and it hasn't hurt me at all! I am secretly hoping that Libby hates sports! Go Maddy!

Bridget said...

There's more to life than sports - so I am sure Maddy will enjoy something else. the theatre project sounds like lots of fun - and know one will come in last place:) Hope you are enjoying a great weekend!

- Bridget