Friday, September 26, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday - Leopard Princess

We're starting to think about Halloween at our house! No, I'm not just talking just about costumes -- I'm talking about Halloween candy! Yes -- it's true -- I've already purchased Halloween candy and eaten it all up (though I did have some help!). I'm trying, really trying, to not buy any more until it is closer to Halloween. Geez -- I wish the stores would quit tempting me with all the little snack sizes of my fav candies. Who can resist 5 or 6 of those small Mr. Goodbar's??? Not me!

Anyway, last year Maddy was a leopard princess as you can see in the photos. This year, she already decided that she will be a witch. I usually wait until at least October to buy a Halloween costume, but this year we saw the costume, she liked it, it was on sale, so we bought it. Only to find out that at school, they do have a Halloween party, but kids are not allowed to wear witch costumes!! OY!! Luckily -- the leopard princess costume still fits -- so she'll be a leopard princess by day and witch by night!

And, does anybody need a walker for their costume? Just found out today that we "bought" those walkers (yes, plural-- he had to have two - don't ask) for the Rickster -- I thought they were rented! Mr. Tennis usually wears a priest cassock for a costume -- he really looks good in it - -is that scary or just weird?? I couldn't find a photo with him in his priestly garb, but here he is a few years ago -- actually I think it was Maddy's first Halloween with us and she was a sweet little ladybug!


Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

I love her outfits~ too cute!!! Can't wait to see this years!

Have a blessed weekend,


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

That ladybug one is so cute...I can't wait to see her as a witch! Good thing the leopard princess one still fits, those whiskers are adorable on her!

Kim said...

I hear ya on the candy. Hannah now asks for candy for breakfast(yikes).

Love the leopard outfit,to cute!

Have a good weekend!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Gotta love the catholic witches!!!

Nick's school doesn't allow them to dress up in the normal fashion...usually they have to do a book report and then dress up like the main character...this year, they are assigned a Saint....they have to dress up like a fun(cough, cough)

Maddy looked like a lovely leopard princess and a beautiful bug!!!

Can't wait to see her all dressed up!

You are too funny about your bubby, but I could just see him in his priest garb!

Enjoy your weekend,

PS....I cannot buy H Candy goes right to my hips...I cannot walk by the jar without grabbing!


Kate said...

She'll make the cutest little happy witch I know!!! I love taking a stroll down Halloween lane with sweet Maddy...the ladybug...oh my....I could eat up that cuteness!!!! Darling!!

Sandy Toes said...

Love the sweet! Great are a planner!
-Sandy Toes

Michelle said...

What an adorable leopard princess, and what a sweet little lady bug. Too cute!!

missy said...

I am loving the Leopard Princess!!! You guys are creative with Halloween like Paige is. This year she will be a "Rocker Bumblebee"...don't ask : )

Maddy is so precious through the years.

I know what you mean about Halloween candy...DEE- LICIOUS!

Lisa said...

I love her princess leopard costume, she looks adorable in it. It's great that it still fits and she can wear it to school and then wear her new witch costume at night! : )

Jodee Leader said...

Cute Halloween pictures of Miss M. I especially love her lady bug picture. She was sooo little then!I can't wait to see her witch costume. I could totally see Mr. Tennis dressing up as a priest! Too funny!

Rebecca said...

Cute costume!! Can't wait to see the witch one. We love Halloween!!

Chris and Deb said...

What a cute leopard princess! I can't even imagine no witches for a school party! OY is right! :)That little ladybug is one of the cutest ever!

Jennifer said...

Cute pictures of Maddy in her Halloween costumes. I love the ladybug picture.


Bridget said...

She is so cute as a leopard princess. Sorry she can't wear her witch oufit to school. At the Catholic schooe that I attended we were only allowed to dress as saints - go figure!

I can't resist those little candy bars either - I've been eyeing them every time I go to Target - but have yet to putchase any as I know they would be gone long before Halloween.

Hope you have a nice week!


Felicia said...

I love the outfits and what a nice walk down memory lane.

paige said...

i love her costumes...the leopard princess is adorable!