Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Love Fall!

Even though I often think summer is my favorite season of all, I do love fall! We're really having some lovely fall weather with cool temps in the morning and warming up nicely during the day with brilliant blue skies -- just incredibly nice weather. And I love fall because the humidity is going down a bit and not affecting my hair so much -- I have way too many bad hair days in the summer! And I love that the grass is not growing much, so I don't have to mow so often. I like mowing as much as the next person, but I am getting a bit weary of it this year since Mr. Tennis was laid up and all the yard work landed squarely on my shoulders. Back to everything I love about fall --and I love pumpkins and sweaters and gourds and smore's and, of course, Halloween candy -- but you all knew that already, didn't you! I love Homecoming parades and football games. I love wearing knee-high socks again and throwing out the old ratty flip-flops. I love spending time going to the zoo or pumpkin patch with The Hubs and Maddy. I love that she is thinking about her Christmas and birthday lists already. And I love that I finally figured out how to do a collage -- yay me!! So even though I know that after fall comes nasty old winter, I am enjoying every second of the cooler weather and shorter days, aren't you?!


Kate said...

I LOVE fall too...and your collage is fabulous!!! Don't think about what's to follow just yet...enjoy this season to the hilt!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Your collage is GREAT! I know a certain someone who is going to be jealous..

I am loving every minute of this fall weather...I could take it year round!

Please don't rush Christmas....I don't even want to think about it...YIKES!

Jennifer said...

I love fall too. The weather has been beautiful! Your collage is awesome....GREAT job!


Kerry said...

I love love Fall too and am just starting to feel and embrace it. Colors, crisp air, fall fun. Our kids in sweaters- so cute.

And love your collage- yeah you! So fun to mess around with these programs. Can't wait for your next one.

Christy said...

I love fall sooo much!! I live in the WRONG place for fall-- Southern California is still 100 degrees today-- it is horrible!!! BUT, I still love the fall and when it finally starts cooling off I just love it!!

Christy :)

Pixel Fairy Princess said...

Me too -I LOVE fall!
I love the cool morning and warm afternoons in the South and the beautiful color! I love watching a little girl sneak a candy corn as she waltzes by the coffee table :D I love fall decorating and I just love yours!
Ladybug hugs,

Erin said...

It is my very favorite time of the year... looking forward to the holidays with none of the stress yet! It is so beautiful EVERY day! I feel energized and rejuvenated. Beautiful photos.

Jodee Leader said...

Your collage turned out fabulous! Yes, I am completely jealous -- I wish Flickr would cooperate for me!

The weather has been perfect too! Can't wait for Boo at the Zoo and the pumpkin patch!

Lori said...

Yay you for figuring out the collage!! It's beautiful!
Happy fall...those are all wonderful reasons to love this season!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Ditto to all the things you LOVE. Best season. Hands down.

And funny you mentioned the collage.. cause I seriously had collage envy when I saw it. Haven't figured out how to do that myself yet. Feel free to give a tutorial! Cute pics!


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love the collage. I have not figured it out yet...if you feel like giving a tutorial, I would be so happy to learn from you! :) As for the things you love about Fall, I have to say that good hair days are one serious benefit! Summer humidity (we don't have a lot here in Colorado, but still...) is the worst for my hair, but really good for my skin. It's a toss up!

Felicia said...

I have to agree, this time of year is the best! Your collage is great.

Rebecca said...

What a great picture montage!! And I share your sentiments about autumn... it's my VERY FAVORITE season, for many of the same reasons you mentioned!!


Kim said...

I'm really a summer person but I do like fall as well. I love when the sun is out and the changing colors of all the trees just pop right out at you. I also love wearing sweaters as well.

Great job on the collage. You'll be a flickr expert in no time.

Michelle said...

Cute pictures!! And yes, I am loving it!! I so wish the entire year could be like this. But I guess I'd have to move to San Diego. Not a bad choice, just a far one. And I know what you mean about summer hair. I just love Fall!!!

Alyson & Ford said...

I love the fall too (when I am in Maine - Florida doesn't have such weather). I don't think I can put away the flip-flops!!
Enjoy - great pictures!

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Shawnstribe said...

me too!!!!
Fall has a special meaning for us as Xiang Xiangs full chinesename means Autumn Fragrance : )
have a great weekend

Lisa said...

I love fall too!! It's just the best!

Great job on the collage...I'm impressed! : )

I'm back from my break...I've missed you all too much!!

Lisa said...

I left something for you on my blog...go check it out!

Donna said...

Fall is definitely my favorite season too...great pictures!

Bridget said...

I love fall as well - especially when it is as nice as it has been this year! I try not to think about what is coming next -especially the cold weather.

Love the collage- it turned out great:)!