Monday, December 29, 2008

Maddy G. Meets Junie B.

One of Miss M's favorite gifts from Santa is a book about Junie B. Jones. Santa generally tries to bring one thing to play with, one thing to read and one thing to wear. This year, Santa brought Junie B., First Grader (at last!). In this book, Junie B. has just started first grade and has all kinds of things going on. Her bestest friend from kindergarten has a new best friend, her bus friend won't sit with her and Junie B. can't see the board and ends up with glasses. It's such a fun book and at just the right level for Maddy -- it keeps her interest and she can read most of it herself! Truth be told, Junie B. has a little bit of snark thrown in, but that's ok with me as Maddy is fairly quiet and maybe Junie B. will help her realize it's ok to speak up for yourself. Maddy and I took turns reading pages of the book and got through a couple chapters that way. Then we decided to read it a bit more at bedtime. At the end of each chapter, we both wanted to read one more and so we read the rest of the book and finished it one night.

Learning to read and having my kids enjoy reading is one of my absolute favorite parts of being a Mom. It's so sweet when the little light bulb goes off in their head and they figure out they can read all by themselves!!! I remember when I learned to read (about a million years ago actually), and I hope Maddy loves reading as much as I do.

Oh, and Maddy's middle initial is not really "G", but part of her Chinese name begins with G and Mr. Tennis usually calls her Maddy G! Of course, Maddy G. rhymes better with Junie B. than Maddy M. (her real middle initial and another part of her Chinese name), and I am all about rhyming blog titles! :)

Anyway, we are now planning on heading to our local bookstore and library to pick up some more Junie B. books. She's headed to the library tomorrow and we just practiced asking the librarian for Junie B. books. Can't wait to see what she finds!


Missy said...

Now THIS is a blog post after my own heart! You see, Miss Maddy G., I teach first grade and my students favorite character is none other than Junie B. Jones herself.

I cannot wait to hear what you think of all of the other books. That Junie B. is a funny girl and gets herself into so much mischief.

Enjoy reading sweet girl!!!

Super Mommy said...

O-M-Goodness - Jadey is reading the very same Junie B. book RIGHT NOW and she loves it!! Must be a First Grader thing, eh?

Christy said...

So cute!! I love your idea of the three gifts. I think next year we may do things a little bit different-- maybe do the 3 gift thing. I love Junie B Jones. They are such great kid books.

Christy :)

Lucy said...

Reading together is such a fun part about being a parent! I can't wait until Magnolia can read. My neices LOVE Junie B. Jones books and when they take road trips they listen to them on tape. My sister says it's better than having a video on because then she knows what's going on too!
P.S. Thanks for the quote you left on my blog, it's perfect. :)

Jodee Leader said...

Jan -- This book sounds sooo cute and funny too! I am so glad Maddy enjoys reading with you. I may have to get Carson started on these books soon! Cute picture too!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Junie B. was Nick's favorite.....I have to admit, I loved reading the stories with him too......she is very mischievious....I think that is why Nick liked her so much!!

It is wonderful that Maddy likes to read and so great that you two do it together taking turns reading to each other......Have fun picking out some new books at the library!!

Happy Holidays!


Lisa said...

We are big Junie B. fans here too!!! Too cute! : )

Lisa said...

I feel the same way about reading. What a good mom you are to stay up and finish the whole book!

Happy New Year!!

Kim said...

I've saved all our Junie B. Jones books because they were favorites of my sons. Who knew that some day I would be able to pull them out again for a daughter to read. I can't wait!

What special times..sharing the gift of reading!

Kristin said...

A girl after my own heart. Books. Don't ask me for a toy but if you want a book, I'll most likely buy it. Shh. Don't tell my girls!!

Thanks for popping by today. I will be checking back in with you!! I love families who have bigs and littles like ours. It makes me seem not so crazy. :-)

Chris and Deb said...

We love books at this house too! I think we are going to have to chekc out Junie B! Hope Miss Maddy loves all of them!

We wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Sandy Toes said...

We love Junie B here! My daughter listens to the tapes...she is a stinker though!
-sandy toes

Heather said...

The cuteness is killing me!! Maddy is can tell her we are Junie B fans too:)

Enjoy the trip to the librarian...I often help Em learn how to ask for exactly what she wants!

You have to post on which choices Maddy makes:)

Have a wonderful holiday...

Jennifer said...

I love Junie B books! So fun! Glad ya'll had a great Christmas!

Felicia said...

I know it's Maddy M. but I love Maddy G....I like a good rhyme too. She's the cutest little reader I've ever seen.

Hope you all have a blessed 2009!

Donna said...

Emma loves Junie B too!

Jennifer said...

Very sweet. I love the picture of Maddy with her book. I LOVE reading to Katie. She loves books and I am thrilled becasue I LOVE to read.


Sue said...

How cute! I love to read too and it has been one of my favorite things to pass that enjoyment on to Alexa.


Sue : )