Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Booster Seat Needed!

In case you can't tell from the photos, Miss Maddy is a bit on the petite side. She really seems just the right size to me. Of course, I still think of her as my little snuggle-bunny! :) But, she's actually 7 years old now, around 45 inches tall and weighs about 39 pounds. In jeans, she wears a 5 slim with the adjustable buttons inside, and believe me, we have to adjust and tighten up those jeans. I don't think she's especially small, but it's when she's with her classmates that you might notice that she is quite a bit smaller than most her age. Some of her friends insist on picking her up and carrying her around. She does not really appreciate that at all, but she puts up with it, good-naturedly most of the time.

The other night we went out to eat at Red R*obin. The hostess showed us to our table and asked . . . of all things . . . "Does she need a booster seat?" OH. MY. GOSH!!! What a insult that was to Miss Maddy! The nerve of that lady -- asking if she needed a booster seat like a baby or something!! Maddy almost always has a smile on her face and a very sweet nature, but that made her a wee bit mad! Yikes! Happy to report that she did get over it. Ok, I admit it, I bribed her a little with a chocolate milkshake to get her smiling again, and we all enjoyed a nice meal. But, if you ever happen to meet Miss M, please, please, don't call her "little" or ask if she needs a booster seat! :)
She looks tall here, doesn't she! Ha - she's standing on a chair. More on our attempt at cooking together later!


Missy said...

I COMPLETELY laughed out loud at this post, as it could have been titled "Paige Lemley's life" : )

Like Maddy, Paige is a peanut and you can really only tell next to her peers and I hate to tell Miss Maddy this, but the picking up thing, it hasn't stopped for Paige and she is a fourth grader : ) It infuriates her.

I think our girls make up for their tiny stature by their incredibly large personalities and spunk. How blessed are we???

I love your blogover and adore Miss Maddy : )

Sue said...

Alexa ( and I ) really dislike when people call her tiny. She will flat out tell them, "No, I'm not." Sassy or not, I'm glad she stands up for herself.

We haven't experienced the picking up thing yet...thanks for the heads up. ;)

Sue : )

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh poor Maddy....I know how she feels....I was always one of the shortest girls in my class....and HATED it when people tried to pick me up.....what is with that....they do it in Nick's class too...there is this one boy who is really a lot smaller than the other boys and they are always picking him up!!

She might be tiny, but I am sure she is mighty.....tell her to stand up for herself!!

Love the apron...and cannot wait to hear you adventures in the kitchen.

Kristin said...

Poor Miss Maddy. Not something a 7 year old wants to be asked.

I envision my 5 year old to be in the same boat. Her classmates currently try to carry her around or boost her up the fireman pole. She loves But when she's 7? I don't know.

Jodee Leader said...

Poor Maddy! I would have been insulted too! She is just perfect in every way! I am glad the chocolate milk shake made things better!

Gail said...

Loved this post, it really made me smile. Miss Maddy is perfect in every possible way. Grace is almost the same size as Maddy, both height and weight, she's also willow thin and wears a size 6 slim pants and they usually are hanging off her.

Your blog is just beautiful BTW!

Kerry said...

Oh- I do not blame her for being a bit miffed. Clearly no booster seat is needed. So nice that Maddy is good natured and easygoing (for the most part). There may be a time when she may love being so petite and can use it to her advantage!

In the meantime- chalk it up to a waitstaff that is clueless! Maddy is perfect size!
Hope she made something yummy.

Christy said...

I would never say it to her face but she is really tiny-- 39 pounds-- wow!! But you know she looks perfect in all ways. People ALWAYS comment on how little mia is and it is not that she is so short-- it is that she is petite. She is over 2 and only weights like 22 pounds. So, I understand and Im sure Mia will be in the same boat as maddy someday.

Christy :)

Lisa said...

My son has the saem body as Mad! So hard to find pants that feel comfortable for him. Both my kids are peanuts too. Maybe it is an asian thing? =)

Sandy Toes said... funny! She is so the apron...what a sweetie!!!
-sandy toe

Kim said...

Poor Maddy! I don't blame her for being upset. Maddy is perfect in every way!

I know when Hannah stands next to her peers you can see quite a difference. She is often called, "Little Peanut". But let me tell you what she may lack in size, she stands tall for who she is and what she wants.

Glad to know that chocolate shake helped make dinner better.

Super Mommy said...

Sounds like Jasmine Grace!! She is always trying to catch up with her sissy though!

Great things come in small packages - she'll appreicate it one day!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Poor Miss Maddy!! I can relate, I was the smallest one in my class too. I think someday she will like it. It's fun being small! But when you're a kid, maybe you just want to be the same size as everyone else. I hope she hangs in there, and tells those people to leave the booster seats alone!

Lucy said...

Oh, poor Maddy. Magnolia is a peanut too and SO many people in public will openly declare that to if I didn't know. You certainly wouldn't say that if you're child was large so why do people say it when they're small? Glad to hear the milkshake was able to cheer her up. :)

Bridget said...

Poor Miss Maddy - there is nothing wrong with being a peaunut. As a matter of fact I think there is nothing cuter!!! Good for her that she can go with the flow. She is cute as can be. Hope you had a nice week and are staying warm:)

- Bridget

mommy24treasures said...

she is such a cutie! I just measured Chloe and she is 7 and the exact same height! I don't know what she weighs but would imagine its about the same!
Thank you for coming by;)

Rhonda said...

WHAT a darling little apron! Did you make that? Love it! She would look adorable in anything!


3 Peanuts said...

Her little apron is SO cute for one thing. I know how Maddy feels. I was tiny and HArry is so little. He will be in a booster car seat until he dates!!!!

Have a great weekend.


Ivy said...

Oh sweet Maddy! Our darling Kira is also tiny, but like MIssy said, she has the spunk and personality of an entire basketball team.

What's wrong with petite anyway:))

She's beautiful and getting more so in each post.



Felicia said...

Oh, I understand. When out and about people will say things, like oh my, your daughter can talk? (She's going to be 3 in April.) But I agree with Missy. What our girls lack in stature they make up for with larger than life personalities.

D said...

Okay - you pick out the most adorable things for Maddy - L-O-V-E the apron :D

As one who has always been vertically challenged and has a 12 year old son who is too - we feel Maddy's frustration. Ian is still asked if he need a lid on his cup - poor guy!

Ladybug hugs,

Chris and Deb said...

poor Maddy! Glad that she took it in stride.....chocolate shakes always help!! :)

Jennifer said...

I had to laugh when reading they pick her up. Poor Maddie!

I am sure she was very offended by the booster seat question. I wold have gotten over it with a chocolate milkshake too. Oh what I would do for one right now.....LOL.