Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday for Teachers -- Reposted! :)

Thank you to each and every one of you teachers! I'm sure we parents don't say it nearly enough, but I really appreciate all you do and how hard you work! It can't be easy -- I know when I've visited and helped out in the classroom, I wonder how you do it and maintain your calm! Is there a bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol hiding in your drawer? :) As the school year is drawing to an end, I am especially thankful for Maddy's school and her wonderful teachers. She has had a terrific year in first grade, and I know that a great deal of the credit goes to her wonderful teacher - Mrs. P. She's been so understanding and helpful -- truly a great teacher. Last night, without any prompting and totally out of the blue, Maddy said that she will really miss her during the summer and next year.

Maddy has learned to read so well in first grade - nice and smooth and even with appropriate inflection and emotion at times! Math has been fun for her too, even though she sometimes gets a little mixed up when adding and subtracting 9s. Maddy still has one more week of school, but we sent our little end-of-the-year gifts yesterday. I thought (and was right) that it might be the last visit Maddy had with her public school teacher who comes in once a week to work with her.

Of course, we borrowed (really copied) the idea from Jodee! If you ever need an idea for anything, ask Jodee! Maddy said that both teachers loved the gift. The cute cello bag has a Star*bucks cup and inside the cup is a gift card. The note reads: "Thanks a latte for the great year." Yes, we love our teachers! Thanks for all you do -- now teachers -- go on, take a break and have a latte and scone and some nice quiet time -- you've earned it!
[Had some issues with Blogger today (and I think it's them - not me) so am reposting.]


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I used to be a teacher and would have loved anything Starbucks for a teacher gift! Such cute packaging too! :)

Kimi said...

What a great gift...I will have to steal that idea for the future!

I know that Maddy's teachers simply adore her!


Missy said...

Awwww, honestly the blessings and joys of being a teacher come from wonderful children and family's such as yours. I know Maddy's teacher will miss her so much. I'm glad she had such a positive year!!!

Jennifer said...

I love this idea! Too bad I already gave our gift today :) I'll have to remember this for next year.

Casey said...

Super sweet idea!!! I might be stealing that one too!

I was a high school teacher years ago and I can promise you that we DO keep tylenol in the drawer :) HAHA!! But only for the rough days :)

Adorable picture! She looks so proud!

Kim said...

Teachers do have a big job, we are so thankful for my kids' teachers and will miss them next year. I love the gift idea!


P.S. I used your post title in my post for was a crazy on ebut I am so THANKFUL it turned out to be a good one!

Sue said...

I used to be a teacher and the last day was always bittersweet. Great gift idea!

Sue : )

Kim said...

Awww, what a great idea!! I'll be stealing that one! Glad Maddy had a great year! Didn't she just start 1st grade? Where does the time go?

Hope you have a great weekend!

Kam said...

What a great gift! And I bet she was a jewel to teach! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Gail said...

I'm sure Maddy was wonderful to have as a student. And I might also be using that idea for an end of the year gift...we get out late... June 10th.

Have a great long weekend Janet!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

That gift is adorable.....perfect for any teacher....what teacher doesn't drink coffee!

Maddy looks so cute in her uniform.....I bet she is counting the days until school is out.....Nick certainly is looking forward to his summer!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Kristin said...

How cute is that?? Both Maddy and the gift!!

My room mom did a gift card "tree" attached to a hanging plant. Very cool idea too.

And yes, we have lots of Motrin and caffeine readily available!

Donna said...

I totally agree...teachers just don't get enough credit (and pay) for all they do!

Courtney said...

Just stopping by to let you know I have opened my blog. Feel free to stop by!

paige said...

great idea!!
love that cutiepatootie

Natalie said...

So sweet! I also love the cute idea. Wish I had used that but instead mine was just a boring card with the gift card inside.

Can you believe another school year has come and gone??
Hope you guys have a blast this summer!


Felicia said...

What a great very clever...I like it a latte!