Thursday, March 18, 2010

Drawing 101 - Thinking of Muffy!

Maddy loves to draw! Of course, I think she is extremely talented! Lately, she has turned her drawing efforts from Simba (the Lion King) to dogs!

Do you wonder why? Although Mr. Tennis and I did not really agree to getting a puppy, he told her she could get one in the summer! Ever since, she has been obsessed with dogs. Drawing dogs, reading about dogs, watching dog shows . . . you get the idea.

She's looked at and studied various dogs to determine just what kind she wants. There were a few requirements: (1) Not too big (to be determined by moi); (2) Pointy stand-up ears (they listen better, you know!); (3) longish tail; (4) good-natured, sweet, etc. My parents have a Westie and although she loves him dearly, she did not want a Westie. She also adores, Larry, the bichon wonder dog, but alas -- no pointy ears - so bichons were out. She finally settled on a Scottish Terrier!

Then came the real issue -- what will she name her puppy?? She did not want to wait until the last minute, so has come up with the name already. She wants a girl dog and will call her Muffy. She especially likes that name since it starts with an "M" just like her name and Mom! And we just found a breeder who will have some puppies available in July!

Title Page -- Muffy!!

The other day, I noticed her drawing away and putting pages together for a book. She got a teensy little stapler for Christmas and loves making stapled books now. She drew these pictures all about Muffy! (I had to scan them, so they are not the best quality.)

Muffy and Maddy with Muffy's brothers & sisters

Look, Muffy likes to play frisbee!

Muffy finally goes to sleep with a smile on her little doggy face!

Of course, I love her little books. She drew all of these free-hand without even looking at any pictures -- tell me that's not raw talent (well, no actually, don't tell me). I just signed her up for a Drawing 101 class starting in June! I think she'll like that and it will pass the time until July when Muffy can come home!


Kim said...

If Muffy looks anything like these adorable pictures she's a real cutie, just like Maddy. Love her little book and yes, she's an artist!

Sooo cute!

Margaret M said...

Stopped by to catch up. I love Maddy's drawings. Lily Wen is going through a dog phase and wants one of her own too. She was just diagnosed with a mild dog allergy so we are researching small dogs that are low in pet dander. I am hoping to put her off another year. I think I will check in more often this summer to see how things go with your newest family member!

Felicia said...

Oh so cute. Ava loves to make books too. I love Maddy's art work.

Felicia said...
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Wanda said...

Oh cute, cute, cute. Muffy is going to be one loved doggie. Keep encouraging her artwork. That's the way genius starts. I love that she'll be taking lessons.

Wish her well from me!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

okay that is seriously cute! It looks like a book you would actually buy in the store. She should make little greeting cards with these pictures!! Darling.

Jodee Leader said...

Maddy's puppy story is soooo flippin cute, and you have one talented little artist on your hands!

You know all about the puppy hell we are currently in so don't say I never warned you! HA HA HA HA HA! Seriously, we love Ozzy to pieces and you will love Muffy too -- even if she chews on everything in sight and ruins your carpet!

Thanks for meeting us at Pioneers Park tonight. We had a blast!

Kim said...

That is great! She is quite the little artist. With you and Jodee getting dog I am having a little bit of puppy fever. Happy Friday!

Laura L. said...

Too cute! I am happy to hear she'll be getting a puppy. How wonderful to have that to look forward to.
I absolutely do think she has talent. Great drawings!

Lucy said...

Maddy is quite the artiste! I would have to mat and frame those drawings, they are darling!!! I love all of her criteria and cannot wait to meet miss muffy! It was so nice to catch up with you on your blog, love the dr. seuss hat (I personally love him for all of his naughtiness, ha!) and the pictures and story of your dad as an engineer. Take care and have a great weekend! Lucy

Tracey said...

What a sweetie she is...and a pretty darn good drawer as well!!!

Hugs ~

:) T

Bridget said...

Maddy is quite the artist - I LOVE her book!!! It is as cute as she is! Can't wait for the real Muffy! hope all is well and you guys are enjoying a little warm weather today - we are back to snow this weekend:( hope you guys have a great weekend!!!!!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I would say your girl is quite the little artist!

I have a westie also and her pictures sure look like him.


Gail said...

Oh my...what an adorable post. Maddy is a very gifted artist in my opinion. I love that she makes little books.LOVE the one of Muffy throwing the frisbee!

Can't wait to see the real Muffy too!

Have a wonderful weekend.

melissa said...

Maddy is such a talented artist!! LOVE her drawings. Of course, I am partial to Westies since I have 2, but Scotties are very cute too, and a 'cousin of the Westie ;)

Casey said...

That is so sweet!! And her doggie is adorable!!

Can't wait for pics in July :)

Colleen said...

oh my gosh I think you have an artist on your hands!!! These are fantastic!!!!!!!! I love the little Addison always puts together story books and then reads them to us...they always involve her family and our dog Lucy. I can't wait to see pictures of Muffy once she arrives : ) cute name.

S.Wise said...

Bravo! I think she is awesome! I love her drawing and she will only get better and better! Hopefully she loves her drawing class!!

Sue said...

Wow, I'm impressed. What cute drawings she does. Maybe she has a future as an illustrator.

Sue : )

Heather said...

You seriously need to get this published for her! Muffy is darling!! Maddy is a sweet, sweet child with quite the gift for drawing, precious! Thank you for sharing, put a smile on my face, pronto!

Happy weekend!