Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Flashback!

It's time for an Easter Flashback -- to four years ago -- oh my time flies! Maddy was only 4 years old -- she looks so little and Philip and Connor look so young, don't they!

Well, really -- they still are young! :) Me, not so much! ;)

I remember that year because it was just before Easter that I found out that I needed to have surgery to repair my leaky mitral valve (heart) -- yikes! Although I wouldn't admit it, I was a bit worried. As you have probably figured out, I came through with flying colors!

Good news -- I just read that chocolate is good for your heart! Hope you all have lots of yummy chocolate eggs and bunnies!

Happy Easter!!


Jodee Leader said...

Cute flashback pictures! I am so glad all of those Hershey kisses have paid off and your heart is healthy again! That was soooo scary!

I hope you have a fun and relaxing Easter in Omaha with the fam!

We miss you at work!

OH MY #6 said...

What a beautiful family you have.

I for one am glad you got through your surgery OK. that beautiful family need their mom.

Happy Easter my friend.


Kim said...

What a beautiful family! You haven't aged at all! Wishing you a blessed Easter!! Enjoy that new grandchild!

Now, where did I hide those chocolate eggs?

Love Letters To China said...

Love your flash back photos! I'm so glad to hear about the chocolate... my house it totally addicted to any type. It's very dangerous.... I hope the Easter bunny isn't too generous because the adult kids seem to delve into it way too much!

Happy Easter to you and yours!

Kim said...

What great pictures! So glad you came through your surgery with flying colors! Have a fantastic Easter!

Courtney said...

Wonderful pictures of your beautiful family. Enjoy a wonderful holiday weekend with your family and hopefully the new grandchild!

Laura L. said...

I always love flashback photos. You have some great looking kids.

I am glad you came through your surgery! Mine will be a piece of cake compared to what you had to do. I'm sure it won't feel like a piece of cake for a day or two though. :)
Thanks for sharing with me about your surgery.

Do have a great Easter with your family! Let there be chocolate!

Michelle@BornInOurHearts said...

Hooray!! If chocolate helps, then my heart must be in perfect condition! And so glad yours is healthy, too!!

Have a very blessed Easter!

Casey said...

What a cute family!! I love flashback pictures... but I hate time going so fast. Especially with kids... just want them to stay little forever!

So glad your surgery went well!!

Have a Happy Easter!

Margaret M said...

Little Maddy looks a lot like Lily Wen. So precious!!!

Margaret M said...

Little Maddy looks a lot like Lily Wen. So precious!!!

melissa said...

Beautiful family! I love seeing 'flashback' photos ... and I didn't realize you had a Connor too (my middle son is Connor)! And, I think I mentioned before, we have 2 westie boys!! Just wish I had a sweet, little girl like Maddy ;)
happy to hear your heart is healthy and yes, dark chocolate (and red wine!) is good for you!

Heather said...

Love these pictures...don't the children grow FAST????

Whew...thankful that chocolate is GOOD for me...I sure am healthy! :)

Hope you enjoyed a fab Easter!!