Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Drawing 101

As I may have mentioned previously (numerous times, I'm sure), I think my little Maddy is an excellent artiste!

A few weeks ago, she finished writing her First Communion thank-you's and on each one, she drew a picture of the gift she received -- her own idea.

You should have seen the adorable rosary and bible she drew.
She even drew cash -- a $20 dollar bill and a $40 dollar bill!

She's almost completed her Drawing 101 class and she's really enjoyed it. Well, except maybe for the fact that there are 8 boys and only2 other girls in the class. And well, you know, the boys are goofy! What a surprise, eh! :)

The first week, they worked on shadowing.

The second week - self-portraits.

The third week, it was drawing animals. She generally loves to draw animals (see Muffy above!), but the instructor wanted them to draw dinosaurs. She doesn't really like dinosaurs, but still did a good job -- said the most unbiased mom ever! Ha ha!

She has one more class until the class ends and I'm not sure what's on tap for that one. But wow, I've really got to give her credit. I was a bit shy when I was young and would have fussed and whined about going to a class where I didn't know anyone. Even though, Miss M is quiet and a bit shy, she went right into class and hasn't complained a single bit.
My little artist -- I love her so!! :)


Kim K. said...

What a creative little artist you have! She's quite talented. Have fun with that!!

Laura L. said...

I love her drawings. I think they are very nice. Fun to see, and I'm glad you shared.

Kate said...

Brag away Mama! It is so great to see them find something they love! I loved her "shadowing" assignment. Awesome!!!

Jodee Leader said...

What a fun class! Maddy is a great little artist. I can't wait to see what she draws during the last class. I will have to send Carson next time! He would love it!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

and your love for her shines beautifully!


3 Peanuts said...

She is wonderful!!!! I see some real talent there! Kate loves to draw too.

Sharon said...

Wow! I really loved seeing her work. They had her do some really great things. I am still cracking up at the 40$bill!! So cute. Bailey also loves to draw and write better than any other activity. well, maybe swimming!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh yes, you definitely have a budding artist on your hands!!

You will have to tell(show) us what they did for the last week of class!!

Way to go Maddy...... your work is superb!


Kim said...

What great pieces! So glad to hear she is enjoying her class.