Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Chicago Edition - Sightseeing and Graffiti Artists!

After the required visit to the Disne*y store the first day (and almost every day thereafter), we decided it was time for some sightseeing.
It was July 4th -- time to paint the town red!
So, we chose one of the City's finest red double-decker sightseeing buses to go
to the Shedd Aquarium. Bonus -- when we bought the tickets, we received coupons for free* Hershey bars, free popcorn and a free t-shirt! What a deal, right!

[Amy and Grace on the double-decker bus!]

Our guide was kind of funny and clever, but really, he was his own biggest fan, and a ride that would probably have taken 15 -20 minutes by taxi took over one and one-half hours! Yep - that's hours people! Holy cats! We thought we'd never get there!

[Chicago Theatre -- very historic!]

Evidently, lots and lots of other people had the same idea -- the line to get in was so long
and at 11:30 AM, the temp was inching very close to 90+!
But, there was a short "go to the front of the line" option
if you bought a Citypass so you could go to other museums too.
Since we figured we would be going to some, if not all of those,
we bought the passes and went directly to the front of the line.
Love it when a plan comes together like that!
The aquarium did not disappoint and we enjoyed an "Earth" movie in 4-D and
a live dolphin show along with looking at all kinds of aquatic and fishy-type stuff.
Don't want to get too technical here.
We spent nearly the whole day!
And then it was back to the very slow big red bus back to the hotel, where Amy and I had an icy cold frappe-something or another and plotted our evening.

[Whoa -- we don't have these kind of buildings in Nebraska!]

Another dinner with Cboo was planned and this time, we just HAD to have some Chicago-style pizza so went to a close-by famous place called Gino's East.
Another line to get in! Geesh -- people in big cities have to wait in line a lot!!!
The pizza was tasty and the place was fun.
Anyone and everyone could write all over the restaurant -- like on your table,
chairs, wall, ceiling, anyway.
Graffiti was everywhere!
Truly, there was hardly anyplace to add our own monikers.
However, Grace and Maddy searched high and low and found a couple places to sign in for posterity!

Look at the little artists -- do they look like trouble or what!?!!

[Caught red-handed writing on the railings!]

July 4th was just getting started and that big city was hopping!

Next up -- free chocolates!!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

oh you make me want to return to Chicago!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Awww... Your graffiti artists look like they were having lots of fun!!

Sounds like those "line jumping" passes were a good idea....especially after the 1.5 hour bus ride!

Hope you have a great week~


Jodee Leader said...

That double decker bus sounds like a hoot! You will certainly never forget the long rides on it!

Love the picture of the tall, tall buildings! Nope -- we can't imagine anything taller than our State Capitol building! HA HA!

It looks like you had a fabulous time!

Gail said... picked some awesome things to see and do. Though you already know that. LOVE Gino's East! Great pics btw!!

Tracey said...

Summer in the City means there are always a lot of lines! Chicago is so worth it though...a fabulous city!! Sounds like you had a great time!

Hugs ~

:) T