Monday, August 30, 2010

Friday Night Lights and a Chance to Help Our School!

It's high school football time again! While I am not a huge football fan, I do enjoy some high school football. I think it's because it's fun to see the students, the parents and feel the excitement in the air. It's not quite "hot chocolate and cool temps" football weather yet, but knowing Nebraska, that's not too far off. Maddy and I went to the first game last Friday evening ... and our team won -- in double OT!! Woohoo! Go Bolts!!

For Maddy, it was more of a social event than a sporting event. She watched like a hawk for her friends to arrive and then spent most of her time with them on the sidelines, chatting and doing some of those hand-clapping things that little girls do.

And here's where your chance comes in to help our school out. I'm not one to ask for favors -- at least not very often -- but I'm asking for one now. Would you, could you, go on FB and vote for our local high school in the Kohl's Cares campaign. It is still in the top 20, but losing a bit a ground as the campaign nears an end on Sept. 3.

Have you heard of the Kohl's Cares campaign? Twenty schools around the country will win $500,000 from the Kohl's Cares campaign! Isn't that incredible! Both of my sons graduated from Pius X and received incredible educations. Maddy will be there too when her turn comes. More than 90% of their graduates go on to college and graduate from college! That's a great statistic for any school!

Plus, for all you Nebraska people, Pius X is the only Nebraska school in the running that has a chance of winning! We need everyone who is at least 13 years old to vote!
Anyway, here's how to help. Go to Click on "Vote Now -Find My School. When prompted, click "Allow" to the Kohl's link. On the drop-down menu, enter Pius X High School Lincoln (Lancaster) NE. Select our school and then click "Case a Vote." Click "Like" and then click on the x in the top right-hand corner. Cast your vote 5 times (the vote counter will keep track and your vote will go from 20 votes to 15 votes left). You will see a facebook share link underneath where you case your vote. Click on this and then in the box say "Vote for Pius X for a new kitchen." Select publish to share with your FB friends and hopefully find some more votes for Pius!

Thank you for helping!


Courtney said...

Maddie is so cute in her outfit. I can't wait for the football weather. I am like Maddie when it comes to football, I am there for the social aspect!

Jodee Leader said...

Cute picture of Maddy at the game! Hooray for high school football. It's the only ball I can actually find! HA HA!

I just went over and put my five votes in! Go Pius!

Kim said...

I also voted! Sounds like a typical girl going to football games to be social :). I hope she is enjoyin school so far this year!

paige said...

what excitement for your school!
always love seeing sweet maddy's face

Football and Fried Rice said...

We love Friday Night Lights!!!

Jess @ Reclaimed Marketplace said...

Just voted!!! I really hope your school gets this. It would be so wonderful for cute little Maddy when she gets there as well as all the other kids in your area it would bless! Good luck!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Maddy looks adorable!! Love the outfit:)

Sorry, I am too late to vote:( I am having trouble keeping up with blogs these days..... not enough hours in the day.

Hope you have a Happy Holiday Weekend~