Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

My little Miss Maddy- 8 and 1/2 years old this summer! She's getting taller, sweeter and more beautiful every day. Of course, I may be a tad bit biased! :)

This was one of the very first photos we ever saw of her -- she was probably about 11 or12 months old.

Do you see the determined spirit in her eyes? I do -- such a determined and brave baby!

Here she was at 3 years old with one of her first fave stuffed animals -- Pooh Bear!
She loves to hear that we had three extra Pooh Bears stashed here and there, so we would never be without one close at hand! Over the years, Pooh was replaced first by Barney and later Mickey.

In some ways, it seems like she is growing up so fast! Pierced ears already! In many ways, she's still my little bitty girl. I love that big gap-toothed smile of hers, twinkly eyes and beautiful black hair.

It makes me so happy that she still likes to play with her stuffed animals. Of course, Mickey is her best buddy and generally goes everywhere with her. But on any given day, she could be carting around a different one and doing the talking for it. Sometimes her stuffed animal does something naughty and gets put in timeout by her or even me -- she is so funny!

During a break in the action in Chicago, she and I played a rousing game of SkipBo (I'm still not sure how that card game is played), but after I lost repeatedly, she rounded up some other friends to play with her. Yay -- Pooh resurfaced in Chicago!! :)

She loves to dance and does some of the sweetest, funniest moves.
If we go into a store and music is playing, she's moving to the beat. I love that she dances without noticing or caring if anyone is watching! I'm pretty sure she has brightened the day of so many salesclerks with her dancing --
she has certainly brightened mine!

I suggested that we check out some dance classes for fall, but she thinks they might stifle her originality -- hmmm -- hard to argue with that, eh!

She's absolutely the best girl when we visit my elderly parents.
Visits to their house are special to me, but I can understand how it might be very boring for an 8-year old. But, she loves going to see them and taking care of their dog -- walking him around the house, around the yard, anywhere and everywhere. She never complains that she's bored or asks to go somewhere else when we visit there.
It makes my heart happy that she is so sweet -- they love her so much!
I love that she cares and lets it show.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You may be biased, but it is all true, you certainly have one beautiful and sweet little girl there!!

I love looking back at her pictures through the years...... especially that itty bitty baby in that referral picture. My heart melts just looking at it. I am sure yours does too~

Hope you are enjoying your weekend~



Kim K. said...

What a beautiful tribute to your daughter. I love seeing all the pictorial changes. Josie has been a part of our lives for two years and I'm so in love with her and all the changes she's brought to our family. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

oh my, you are the sweetest mom. This is a post from the heart!

Seriously Janet, this post made me smile and teary all at once. It reinforced the reasons why I can't wait to have another little girl running around my house!


PS.Love the move in the pool!

paige said...

janet you tell just by that precious smile of hers that she is simply a delight wherever she goes. what a joy she is & obviously what a wonderful mama you are, even if she whoops you in skipbo

Kim said...

What a sweet post! She is such a cutie. You are all lucky to have each other. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Alyson and Ford said...

She is beautiful, no argument from me! Love seeing and reading about what a wonderful daughter she is. I think you have inspired me to go a photo post about AA as our 2 year Forever Family Day is coming up in 7 weeks.
Your daughter is amazing, your family love is perfect!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

She is adorable and reminds me so much of one of my best friend's daughters. My friend never married, but always wanted children. She finally decided at 40 to adopt. her sweet little Maddie is now six and the absolute joy of her life.

Your little girl has a smile that could light up a room-I'll bet it's really hard to say no to that face!

zentmrs said...

She certainly is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Sharon said...

I love coming over here and seeing how your big girl is growing and how beautiful she is and still so much fun. It makes it so that I'm not so afraid to loose my baby to big girldom lol.

Football and Fried Rice said...

Yeah - you aren't the only one that can see Maddy's beauty! (in addition to her determination & gentle spirit!) What a sweet girl to "hang in there" when visiting the Grands...

I love that picture of her from when she was a baby - that hair!! Darling!

Jodee Leader said...

What a sweet post! Maddy was the perfect addition to your family and you are soooo blessed to be her mom! I love her hair too (before and now).

We need to get the kids and pups together for a play date soon!

Bridget said...

Such a sweet post Janet! Whenever you write about Maddy I can just feel how crazy you are about her! She seems fun, sweet,silly and just a joy to be around! I love all of the pictures she has always been a beauty! You two seem like the perfect fit! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy that sweet girl of yours!

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