Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Zoo -- Revisited!

In our efforts to squeeeze the last bit of summer fun into our schedule, we made a quick trip to our children's zoo recently.

I sometimes forget what a great zoo it is, but I do love it!
Part of what I love is that it is relatively small and doesn't take an entire day to visit.
Plus, it's not a very smelly zoo -- you know how some zoos can be that way!

This is about as close to a cow as Maddy wants to get!
Yep, she's a city girl!

This lovely, though hungry, peacock followed us around begging for fries and popcorn!!!
Of course, we gave him some -- do you see the beak on that guy!!!

It was our first time there this summer since the butterfly pavillion opened.
That is one of Maddy's favorite spots!
Every single year, she tries and tries and tries to get a butterfly to land on her finger.
Usually, the butterflies do not cooperate.
This year, however,
one landed immediately and probably would have stayed on her finger all day long,
but we didn't want to hog the one kid-friendly butterfly!
We do like to share, you know.
Can you tell, Maddy was beyond thrilled!

Ever since then, whenever she sees a butterfly in our yard, she takes off running after it
-- never catches it and one never lands on her finger -- but she gets "A" for effort!


paige said...

she gets an A for cuteness too

lets hear for small & non smelly adventures!!
so cute

Laurie said...

Yes, your zoo IS a great one! And I smiled when I saw her outfit- Allison has the same one- only her shirt is green. :)

Gail said...

Maddy is adorable as always, I love her smile!!

Zoos are fun, especially the non smelly ones. LOL. I agree!

How great that the butterfly decided to visit, awesome picture!

Sharon said...

So beautiful Janet!! I love the name too, so literary! lol. John and I were just saying yesterday that we needed to plan a trip to the SAn Fran Zoo since I have never been and he has not been since he was 3. We took Bailey three times that first year but its just now that she is appreciating animals. I think its great that you all do!

Jodee Leader said...

We love our little zoo too! Adorable butterfly pictures! How very cool! You can tell how excited Maddy was!

Kim K. said...

What a fun way to spend the last of few days of summer. Amen to non-smelly zoos!! Darling butterfly pic.

Laura L. said...

How exciting for Maddy. That is so cool. I love the pictures of her with the butterfly. Just wonderful!

Karli said...

OK, I'm totally jealous of your butterfly shots! I went there with my kids, and tried to get the same pic as you took. The guy that works there kept holding them on HIS finger and asking me to take a shot. He was so nice, but I'm like...uh, I don't want some random finger in my photo album!

AWESOME peacock shot too!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

My kids are city kids too and would never stand that close to a cow either. Love the butterfly pictures!

Kim said...

What a fun trip! I am sooo glad the butterfly cooperated.

PS- I got your e-mail no problem about next week. Sory to hear about Connor, what a bummer.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

what a fun day!


Bridget said...

We love the zoo as well and have yet to go since our move. Fall perhaps. Love the photo of maddy with the butterfly on her finger. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Karla said...

I love that we can get through the zoo in about an hour...perfect for Saturday morning outings to break up the day!

Shell in your Pocket said...

So cute...the zoo is always a fun place to be-

sandy toe

Casey said...

That is amazing that the butterfly landed on her!! How sweet! She looks adorable.