Monday, November 15, 2010

Falllllling Temps!

Definitely fall around these parts! The number of leaves that have fallen and clogged up my gutters and the lawn is at an all-time high right now. We rake and rake and clear the lawn off and then more leaves fill it up again sometimes within an hour or two!

Last Friday evening the torrential rain that we'd been hammered with decided on a whim to turn to snow!! Yep -- snow! Mark your calendar -- first snow of 2010 season on Nov. 12! At least it was about a month later than the first snow of 2009, so that made me happy! Unfortunately, not all the yard work has been completed . . . really, is it ever? So, these poor roses met an untimely demise due to snow and ice!

Little Miss Muffy, our Scottie puppy, did not know what to make of the snow and alternated between giddy delight and downright annoyance. She ran, barked, rolled in it and barked at it some more! We had about 10 towels on the kitchen floor to dry her off repeatedly after her many visits outside. It may be a long winter and am thinking the washing machine is going to get lots of use!

Haven't posted about Miss Muffy lately and it is so difficult to get a good photo of her because she's always on the run.
She is a sweet girl and goes to bed so nicely at the same time as Maddy . . .
mainly because Maddy wouldn't have it any other way.
When Maddy goes up to bed, Muffy climbs into her kennel
because it really would not be "fair" if Muffy got to stay up later. Works for me!


Kim K. said...

I can't believe you BEAT us with snow. It's on our way for Thursday in West MI. Miss Muffy is simply precious. How sweet that she and Maddie have the same bedtime.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Miss Muffy is so cute! I babysat Master Kingsley on the weekend and I just love him!

I can't get over hos Miss Muffy has grown!


Courtney said...

Cute pictures of Maddy and Muffy. We had a brief snow shower about 2 weeks ago, but it was gone after about thirty minutes after hitting the ground and the trees.

Jodee Leader said...

I can't believe we missed our first snow! I am sooo disappointed! I bet Muffy will eventually love the snow. Ozzy couldn't get enough last year!

Kim said...

The snow was a surprise wasn't it. I bet it was fun to watch Muffy in it. You sound like us with towels waiting at the back door. I love that Muffy and Maddy share the dame bedtime.

Alyson and Ford said...

Love the cooler temperatures (but no snow please!).
Love the family photos! Wonderful!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Sharon said...

Already!>!?! OMGosh! How exciting though. I can just see that puppy with her first sight of that stuff. Stay warm, you all!!

Seattlemom said...

they are both just so cute. i haven't checked in on blogs for awhile and making my rounds. Maddy has blossomed. just lovely.