Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Sport for Life!

When our boys were young, the Hubs and I encouraged the boys in sports. We wanted them to be active and enjoy sports. I taught them to ride bicycles (former bicycle champion, you know!!) and they played soccer and basketball and took swimming lessons.

As they got older, Hubs said, "it's time to pick a sport -- they can't play everything!" And so, with some guidance and nudging from him, they picked tennis! Both enjoyed it and played on their high school varsity teams. Watch out -- bragging ahead -- their teams were state champs and Cboo won the State Championship two years in a row at the No.2 singles position. So, we are kind of a tennis family. I say "kind of" because everyone plays but me. I tried, I really did! I got the skirts, the fancy panties, took clinics and lessons, but was never, ever able to perfect a serve - heck, I couldn't even get one in. I simply could not learn to serve, so I finally gave up and became an official tennis mom!

Unlike many sports, tennis is truly a sport you can play for life! You really don't see many adults playing soccer or football -- well, football -- maybe if you're a Kennedy! :) Mr. Tennis plays every single weekend -- getting up very early on one of the only days he could sleep late! My sister plays all the time, and truly, I would play if I could figure out a serve.

Anywhooo, Miss Maddy takes gymnastics and has not been interested in soccer or volleyball.
She has hit some tennis balls in the past with the Rickster and enjoyed it, so that's her new sport. Her class meets once a week for 45 minutes. There are only six kids in the group, so with two pros, it's almost like private lessons!
Plus, who doesn't love the cute tennis outfits!!


Jodee Leader said...

So glad Maddy is enjoying her tennis lessons! She looks adorable in her skirt! I am quite certain I couldn't play tennis either. I don't have an athletic bone in my body! We will have to get Maddy and Carson together this summer for a tennis match. He loves every sport!

Kim K. said...

That tennis outfit is darn cute. How fun that she's enjoying this sport. I think Josie needs some kind of physical activity besides jumping off the couch when she's playing bat girl and chasing the boys at her preschool.

Love Letters To China said...

She looks so cute in her outfit! I think that's wonderful that she's involved in a sport. I would love to do something like this for my kids. I was never involved in any sports as a child. I think it's important for the body inside and out. My daughter has been dancing since she's 3. I think a sport might be a great addition to dance.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Courtney said...

She looks adorable. I took tennis in college and enjoy it, but I am not a pro!

Lisa said...

every girl should play a sport. I have no hand eye coordination. No tennis for me!

S.Wise said...

We like tennis in our household too! Maddy looks adorable in her tennis outfit!! What fun she will have!

Sharon said...

Yes, the outfits are so cute! I had lessons every summer growing up and she will always be glad to play...and you cracked me up AGAIn about that horse!

Karli said...

Oh fun! I used to play tennis as a child and it was awesome! I still remember taking lessons at the Racquet Club a million years ago - LOL! :-) CUTE pics!