Tuesday, March 1, 2011

She's 1 and He's Way More than That!

Two celebrations last weekend. Little Miss Janie turned 1 earlier in February and
her Dad (my son) turned a lot older than that!
Somebody help me -- do the math -- he turned 26!

Her Mom, Catherine, made the cutest little ladybug tutu for her birthday -- adorable!

Maddy helped decorate the cupcakes -- don't they look fabulous!
They were extremely yummy too!
Mr. Tennis had two, no make that three;
well, actually he ate the one meant for Cboo -- so he had 4 cupcakes!!

We had so much fun visiting and celebrating the birthdays!
Maddy had a blast with her little niece and helped her . . .
let's face it, Maddy opened all the presents for Janie.
Janie was a bit preoccupied with demolishing her birthday cupcake!

Isn't she the cutest little girl!

Happy Birthday Janie and Philip!
I know the next year is going to be an exciting
and wonderful one for your whole family!


Kim K. said...

Could your pictures be any cuter!! What special birthday celebrations.

Jean said...

LOve the pics!! I bet you are smitten with that little Janie!! Oh my she is a cutie! How wonderful to have a beautiful helper like Maddy!

You know I love the name Maddy! I mean love love love it BUT we named our oldest son Matt and his Momma (meaning me) calls him Matty. I tried to name Ava Maddy but he didn't go for it... ;-)

Oh well...
BTW 26 is young- our Matty is 27.5! Just hopin he ties the knot SOON!

Jodee said...

It looks like you had loads of fun celebrating Janie's first birthday. I love her shirt and matching tutu!

Kim said...

Very sweet! She has gorgeous eyes! We also attended a b-day party for a 1 year old this weekend and Alyssa got to be the present helper, she was trilled.

Laura L. said...

Hi Janet,
I cannot believe little Janie has already celebrated her 1st birthday. How fun for all of you. She is so adorable and I just love her expressive little eyes. Love her tutu and ladybug shirt.♥

Makes me anxious for a grandbaby.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

How on earth is she one already? That year just flew right by!

She is as cute as can be..... I am sure you love every minute that you get to spend with her!!

Happy Belated Bday to both Janie and Philip!

Now I am going to the kitchen to dig for something sweet to eat.... those cupcakes are making me hungry:)



Lisa said...

wow! a year already?? Happy Birthday sweet Janie!!