Friday, April 22, 2011

A Mouse in the House!

No, not that kind of mouse! I'd be up on a chair screaming if I had seen one of those critters! Nothing scarier to me than a mouse! I won't even look at them at the zoo. And seriously, what is with our zoo that they have mice on display???? I'm talking about the one who used to have a club on TV every afternoon -- you know-- big ears and all!

Some of you may know that while Miss Maddy is a very girly-girl who loves a manicure and pedicure and wearing dresses, she does not like the color pink or flowery wallpaper. Well, guess whose room was covered in flowery wallpaper?? Yep, Maddy's room was home to a wallpaper flower explosion! I should have known she didn't like it when as a baby, she started to peel the wallpaper off through her crib spindles. Then she would quickly lie down when she heard footsteps approaching! She loves to hear that story!

[Part 1 -- still working on wall art and it's not crooked, it just looks that way in the photo!]

We live in an older home and a majority of the doorknobs are glass ones. Love that her bedside table lamp has a similar look, don't you!

[ Her bedside table is not usually this clear, but it always has her fave perfume and a Mickey snow/globe!!]

So, she needed a little room re-do recently and guess what she picked -- Mickey Mouse! I know, I know, you may think it is a little boyish looking, but she loves it and that's what matters. Plus, bedding can always be changed! She does have a lovely chandelier though I forgot to get any photos of it, you can see it in this very old post (hers does not have pink shades, of course).The walls were de-papered (thanks to a super job of a friend's boyfriend) and repainted a lovely soothing gray. New carpet installed that is so soft and cushy, you could sleep on it.

[The two side photos above are from a calendar -- yep, I'm clever like that! Sorry about the flash glare there!]

Once the wallpaper was down and the room repainted, I almost hated to hang anything up -- it looked so beautiful and clean! Don't you just love new paint?

That Mickey-- he HAD to sneak into another picture!


Kim K. said...

Tell Miss Maddie that her room is adorable. The wall color and all her little accessories are darling. That lamp shade is simply divine.

Football and Fried Rice said...

I was THINKING it was that kind of mouse!! Tell Maddy she made an excellent choice - we love that mouse too!!

Jodee said...

Maddy's room turned out sooo cute! I especially love her fabulous accessories!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

it is definitely all about the accessorizing!


Courtney said...

I love how her room turned out. I think the lamp is my favorite.

Shari said...

Her room is very cute!!! Love the way the room turned out and love the color!!! What a great painter boy!! Love him! ;)

3 Peanuts said...

CUTE!!! And I was worried it WAS the other kind when I saw the title. So glad you invited this mouse in.

Casey said...

Very pretty!! I love the color... she'll be able to grow in that room and have lots of decorating options. Love it!