Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Update -- The Good and Not-so-Good Report

Oh my word -- what a weekend!!  
Let's start with the good stuff, shall we?

The grandbabies came to visit and stay overnight!  What fun!  And their parents left -- so we had them all to ourselves.  Love those kiddos with those little smoochable faces.  Miss Janie (almost 18 months) seems like such a big girl now.  She and Maddy were joined at the hip.  They had a blast -- they colored, they played with stuffed animals, with zhu zhu pets, went to the park and watched a little Barney.  When Janie cried about going to bed in the pack n play, Maddy climbed in to be next to her and helped her go to sleep.  Janie gave Maddy so many loving hugs and held her hand almost non-stop.  It was so so sweet.  At one point, Maddy asked if Janie could live with us forever!  (Hmmm -- well, I think her parents might object!)   Last night when Maddy headed to bed, she said she really missed Janie and shed a few tears.  She has the most tender heart!

And little baby Walt -- he's a sweetheart!  Seriously, look at this face -- is that not the face of an angel?!!  He was so good and only cried occasionally when he was hungry or needed a diaper change.  He reminds me so much of Philip when he was a baby though Philip used to chug down his bottles fast and demand more!!!  Walt is more easygoing and takes his time drinking a bottle, savoring every drop! :)

Now to the "not-so-good"! 
We had a huge storm blow in Saturday evening and I mean really really big.  Winds were extremely strong resulting in enormous tree branches falling and destroying our fence.  Power was knocked out here and there in town and most definitely in our neighborhood.  We had no electricity from 8:20 PM on Saturday night until 1:30 PM Sunday afternoon.  Holy smokes!!  Plus, it was SO hot and NO AC!!  But, go me -- somehow I figured out how to make a baby bottle in the dark at 4 AM with the help of only a flashlight!

So, to recap -- grandbabies -- Very good!!  
 No electricity, no air conditioning, fence broken -- No Good!


Kim K. said...

Egads. You weren't lying. I'm sorry to hear about the storms and your poor fence. Heat and no electricity. Not a good mix in the summer. I'm sure Miss Maddie is a wonderful babysitter. She'll be in BIG demand as a teenager. Darling grandbaby pictures.

Jodee said...

What a crazy weekend! I still don't know how you survived no air for all of those hours! So glad you got to spend time with Jane and Walt. They are just precious. Hooray for your big helper too! Love her sweet and tender heart!

Football and Fried Rice said...

You are my hero! I am not sure I could have made the bottle :) your grands are so cute, I can see how you ate up your time with them!

Sorry about the fence!

Bridget said...

Oh my could those babies be any cuter! You must just love it! I love how sweet Maddy is to Janie. She does have a sweet heart. So sorry about the fence and the electricity. We have had two power outages this Summer. Both for theee days! The first one we had cool weather the second one it was in the 90's. Eekkk I can tell you I could never be a pioneer. 3 days without AC or electricity put me in a tailspin. I suppose ther are much worse things but at the time it seemed awful. Hope all is well and you are enjoying the end of Summer!!!

Catherine said...

Sorry you had more excitement than you bargained for! Watching those two is enough excitement without the damage and power outage from the storm. You were all such good sports, and we hope you know how much we appreciated your watching the kiddos for us. Thank you for being such a trouper and for taking such wonderful care of Janie and Walt. They sure love you guys--and so do we. :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

WOW, your weekend sounds like my week!!

So happy you got some pics of your adorable grandbabies....gosh, have they grown so much! I bet you loved every minute of the time you got to spend with them.

Totally impressed with your bottle making skills in the dark. You are good girl~



Lucy said...

Those are some seriously cute grandbabies!!! I would hope I could make a bottle in those conditions...yikes! Love that Maddy crawled in the pack n play. I oughta have Magnolia do that for me when I can't get George down!!!