Friday, October 14, 2011

Boots -- All Kinds of Boots!

The Moon was still out this morning when I left for work!

The cooler weather here has me thinking about boots -- all kinds of boots.  No, I'm not mentioning the
s-word (you know which one I mean), but who doesn't love boots! 

Last year Maddy and I had some Fuggs -- Fake Ugg*s!  I'm sure the real things are super comfy, but let me tell you -- the Tarjay faux brand is also very comfy at a fraction of the cost!

I found some adorable boots on zappos -- don't you love the service from zappos!  Zappos is the only place I can usually find shoes for Maddy as her feet are either very small or an extremely popular size as we can never find any locally that work and are comfy for her . . . except at zappos!

Michael Kors -- love him and his boots!

Dansko -- Aren't these fab!!

Who doesn't love a wedge??

While I love all those boots, unfortunately, these are the boots I'm looking at for the next few weeks!  

I have bone spurs on my big toe joints --who knew??  My poor feet have been killing me for ages years!  I finally went to the doc and was relieved to find out that it wasn't bunions, but bone spurs!
 Anyhooo -- I will be having those nasty bone spurs shaved off my left foot next week and then after leftie heals, I will have the right foot done a few weeks later.  Hoping to have everything all healed up before bad weather hits so that I can actually wear some cuter boots!!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

oh dear! Will you be off your feet for long?


Kim K. said...

You have my complete sympathy. I scheduled my bunion surgery for my left foot for 12/16. I'll need to be doing my Christmas shopping and crafting earlier this year. I'll be thinking of you. I was really tired of that walking cast this summer. Get ready to feel like a pirate!

Laurie said...

OUCH! Sorry to hear about your footsies! I'm sure I have issues too, but I'm still playing the denial card! Love all your boot pictures.... but can't remember the last time I bought any. How sad! :(

Football and Fried Rice said...

I was just out boot shopping today!! We HAVE to start thinking about it in these parts!

Man, I sure hope you heal FAST!!!!

Love Letters To China said...

So sorry to hear about your feet. My hubby has been sporting one of those lovely boots for the last 6 weeks. He broke his foot. :-(

Hope your feet feel 100% better afterwards. Looking forward to seeing some of those gorgeous boots on your feet once they're healed.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh no Janet.... sorry to hear that is the kind of boot you are going to sportin!! I hope you heal quickly.

I am lovin' all of your other boot choices..... I am addicted to Zappos. I just got a box yesterday, but it contained shoes for all the kids....nothing for Mommy:(

Happy Weekend to you~



Courtney said...

You poor thing, hopefully everything goes well. I love Zappos because I can order one day and they are here the next and if they don't fit, I can send them back for free. Have a great weekend.

Casey said...

Oh no!! I love boots, but those last pair stink. Sorry about your foot. I hope you are feeling better soon and wearing wedges in no time.

Jodee Leader said...

Hoping and praying your surgery goes well and that you are wearing a cuter boot soon!

I bought Kamree some Fuggs from Old Navy this year. I hope she will wear them!

Bridget said...

Love all the boots but the last pair:( so sorry about your foot! Hope all goes well and you will be sporti g so e cute new boots in no time. BTW love Zappos too!! Have a great week!

~ Bridget

3 Peanuts said...

Oh no!! I hope you heal quickly. Foot pain is AWFUL!!!!