Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Update

Time for a weekend update! 
Let's do some random bullets this week for a change of pace!

  • Whoa -- a few days have escaped me as I recover from my poor little foot surgery!  Holy smokes -- never believe a doctor who says -- "this will be a piece of cake and an easy recovery!"  HA HA HA!  So not true!  My foot and toes killed me!  Oh. My. Word. I had no idea it would hurt so much!  Add to that a bit of a reaction to pain meds and I was one hurting cowgirl!  Anyhoo, let's put that behind us now!  And remember my initial plan to have the right foot done almost right away after leftie heals??  Yeah, am definitely rethinking that!

  • Since we already had tickets to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert, I hobbled along to that though only lasted until intermission.  It was a great concert and I'm sure I would have really enjoyed it had my foot felt better.  Seriously, not only is he a great person and musician, he is the cutest guy!  He looks like Doogie Howser all grown up!   Hope he returns and we can attend again!  Maddy had to get a CD and we love it!

  • And now for the Shutterfly giveaway!  Maddy picked and I couldn't find the camera to get a photo of her with the winning numbers, but they were 5, 9 and 10.  So, that means, Laurie, Kim K. and Mary have each won 25 free cards from Shutterfly.  I will be emailing each of you with the secret code!


paige said...

so sorry to hear about your reaction to the meds!! AND on top of that, the recovery was worse than they predicted. no fun. i'm so sorry!

my savannah had the hugest crush on SCC. she told him ( i think she was 10ish) that she was his biggest fan...he replied, well you sure are little to be my "biggest" fan. such a silly guy.but a great guy. so much respect for him and his family.

hope you're back 100% real soon cowgirl!

Kim K. said...

Woo hoo! Many thanks, Janet. Your concert looks like a load of fun. I hope your foot recovery is getting better.

I'm very nervous about my upcoming bunion surgery on 12/16. I said I'd do the right foot next July but maybe I'll rethink that too.

Laurie said...

NO WAY! I was SO enjoying the post, loving that you enjoyed the concert (but not loving that you were in pain!), and then the end... totally exciting!! Thanks!!!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

you know you have been on my mind. Hope the worst is over!

Jealous of that concert girlfriend. Would love to see him!

thanks for the fun contest!

Feel better and remember all the great shoes and boots you are going to wear!


Courtney said...

Sorry to hear you are having a tough recovery. I am sure the SCC concert was wonderful.

Football and Fried Rice said...

Bummer about your slow recovery! Man! Sorry you couldn't stay through the whole concert - I would have loved to have gone!

LOVE your fall arrangement - gorgeous!

Football and Fried Rice said...

& congrats to the Shutterfly winners!

Jodee said...

So glad your surgery is over and cute boots are in your near future!

I wish I could have gone to that concert. I am glad you had a great time even with your painful foot!

Happy Healing!

Sharon said...

Oh, so sorry about your poor foot...I hear surgery is so painful...I hope you are ok on meds..(I get nausea and cant take them easily)

We have been thinking of you all often and wondering what are some tricks to get a tooth on that fairy outfit! haha...But I draw the line at teeth! lol..even though I must admit to having some...a bag of B2 that i saved for some strange reason. I tried making oor Bailey made.really..a toooth sign...but then she didnt want it on..oh well, enough people have asked her that there is no doubt...for the harvest festivals we have already been to..then Ballet class twice this week, dress up...I will get some shot soon I hope..

So funny to see CSC...your going to..I was just talking to someone yesterday about going to it here coming up...LOVE you pumpkin pretty...everything you do is special, I swear...and I just love yoU!!!

Casey said...

I'm so sorry about your foot!! I hope you feel better soon!!