Friday, December 16, 2011

Almost 10!

On Tuesday, my little Miss Maddy turns 10!  Every year, I think that "this year and this age" is really the best (and, of course, it is).  Some of my favorite things about you lately, my sweetie-pie, are . . .
  • You are a hard working student, always wanting to do your best.  Makes me so proud!
  • You do your homework right away after school and we study for tests together.
  • You love animals -- dogs, cats, horses.
  • You love to watch movies and we often call Fridays -- home movie nights!  Recent fave - Home Alone -- the original!
  • You enjoy hearing about how I sang to you (Farmer in the Dell - for hours on end) when you were a baby to get you to sleep!
  • You say everyday -"No offense Muffy, but you really have dragon breath in the morning."
  • You often wonder what Muffy is thinking and what she would say if she could talk.  You want answers, so I come up with whatever I think Muffy would say.
  • You and Dad like to run errands together and plot ways to bug me!!
  • Donut holes on Saturday mornings are a must have!
  • You love hanging out with your friends.  You especially love that your friend across the street has a Corgi who is BFF with Muffy!
  • You love getting together with Philip, Catherine and the kiddos and Connor. 
  • You have so much fun playing with little Janie and Walt.
  • You often say "no offense, but . . . "  Kills me every time!
  • You love to sing along to music in the car and don't even mind if I do too!
  • Your favorite meal would include chicken nuggets or popcorn chicken or chicken legs and chips.
  • You are thoughtful and sensitive.
  • You still like to play with stuffed animals.
  • You love DisneyWorld and Mickey Mouse.
  • You dislike Mondays -- in order to make Mondays manageable, we call them polka-dot Mondays and you wear a polka-dot hair bow on Mondays and Mondays only.
  • You have the most beautiful dark eyes, black hair and big smile.
  • You want me in to come in school to pick you up instead of waiting in the car.
  • You still like to hold hands.
  • You are the very best daughter ever!
  • You are a blessing in our lives and we thank God for you every single day.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


Kim K. said...

Such a beautiful post for a beautiful daughter. Birthday blessings, Maddie!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I love how she still likes to hold hands. How wonderful. I hope she always does.

This is a beautiful, touching post from a very sweet Mommy. I have a lump in my throat.


Love Letters To China said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. I agree with that she still holds hands. Natalie will do the same on occasion. Unfortunately I see those signs of affection slowly leaving. The other day she got so upset with me when I kissed her in front of all her friends at school. She told me to only give her a hug from now on. That was a hard one for me to take in.


paige said...

have a wonderful birthday weekend maddy!! what a special time of year to celebrate YOU
i love your hair
i love that you always smile
that you say "no offense, but..."

Laurie said...

What a sweet, sweet post!! Loved reading all about Maddy and of course noticing the similarities in my own kiddo. :) Please pass along our b-day wishes to Maddy!!

Kim said...

So very sweet and thoughtful Jan! My favorite is Polka Dot Mondays, what a great way to start the week! Who doesn't love polka dots?

Great to see you yeserday, hope you crossed some things off your shopping list.

Jodee Leader said...

I can't believe your sweet girl is almost 10! Before you know it, she will be driving!

Enjoyed reading your list! Maddy is definitely a blessing to your family!

Have fun celebrating her special day!

3 Peanuts said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful and sweet Maddy. I am feeling so nostalgic and when I read on FB that she was turning 10, I really could not believe it. Our girls are growing up too fast!!!

P.S> Harry is 11 and will sometimes still hold my hand:)

Lisa said...

Beautiful post. HB Maddie!