Friday, June 8, 2012

Makeover in the Works!

Yes, we are doing a little makeover at our casa. 

 Philip's old room
 (will I ever stop calling it "Philip's room" even though he hasn't lived
 at home for many years??)
is being made over to a sweet little guest room. 
Bed - photo from --
Love its clean and simple lines!

Some of the monstrously large furniture he had since he was in 7th grade
has been given away already with the rest to head to
our local Catholic Social Services next week. 

A "before" shot. 
Note to self -  must find new home for vacuum and "Twister!"

And then ...

New paint!

New carpet!

New furniture!

And it will be all done by the time my sister and her sweet daughter
 come to visit July 5th
Cross your fingers!!
Stay tuned!


Courtney said...

It is always exciting to do a room makeover. I can't wait to see the finished product. Have a great weekend!

Jodee said...

I am sooo excited for you! I love the bed and I can't wait to see it all done! Hooray for house guests who motivate you!

Kim K. said...

Can't wait to see more! Have fun designing!

3 Peanuts said...

The bed is really nice. I bet it will be really nice:) Cannot wait to see the finished room.

Jean said...

Gotta keep twister! Maddy will love it!

It feels so fresh and clean to redo a room! Enjoy!!

Be sure to post an after photo!

Lisa said...

I love a good makeover! can I help??

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

can't wait to see!

Happy Sunday Girlfriend!