Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lions And Tigers And . . . Camels?

Maddy and Leo the Lion
Remember my summer bucket list? 
Guess what - we checked  
off the list!

Yes, we did!
And not in some exotic location as you might expect,
 but in sweet little Lincoln, Nebraska!
I had heard our local zoo had camel rides this summer,
but due to the extreme heat,
we were spending most of our weekends checking “swim at the pool”
off the list.

BUT – there was a cool front last weekend and
the temp was only in the 90’s –
so Maddy and I headed off to the zoo.

After we entered, we skipped all other animals and
 made a beeline to the camels as we were certain
there would be a long line of riders waiting for a turn. 

Nope, not a one. 

So, we picked out the best looking camel there, Leonardo,
and we both climbed on. 
 Ha ha – I fooled Maddy as she didn’t think I would do it!
 (Really, had I known that my bottom would be
featured in the photo below
 taken by one of the camel wranglers,
 I would have insisted on sitting in front!)

You know how I wrote so eloquently that
riding a horse is like riding the sky in an earlier post? 

Well, riding a camel is kind of  like riding the sky -
a big thunderstorm in the sky --  
very bumpy!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

YIKES! Looks like Miss M loved it! I once was on an elephant and that was enough for me!

Your a brave woman!


Kate said...

Oh my lanta. Those camels are big. And I have heard they spit. Ha. Good for you crossing that off the list...what a fun photo for you to remember this glorious summer with!!! Camels in Lincoln...who knew??? :-)

Courtney said...

So glad you were able to check this off your list. I laugh everytime I say it is going to cool down to 90. Who would have thought that would be our cool this summer!

Gail said... you are amazing Janet....and brave!! Don't know if I could do that. You are one awesome momma!! Maddy looks so happy.

Jodee said...

Oh my word! I am cracking up! I still can't believe you rode too! You failed to tell me that small (but big) detail! It looks like you had loads of fun on Leonardo! I think K and I must go next!

Lisa said...

good for you!!

3 Peanuts said...

So fun that you are getting through that summer bucket list. My kids got to ride camels once too. It was HOT and smelly from what I recall:) Love the photos of Maddy in the tye die maxi dress too. So pretty.