Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloweekend - Part 1

What a scary time we had on Sunday afternoon!!
My pirate girl and I  spent the afternoon trick-or-treating at the outdoor mall with my coworker, Jodee, and her most adorable little girl, Kamree!
First, the girls had to carve pumpkins -- ewww - I hate the mess, but it was made easier because Trader Joe's (we love you TJ) got all the goop out first!!  Maddy carved a Mickey Mouse head
on her pumpkin -- yes, she is stll Little Miss Disney!! :)
  Kamree did all kinds of carvings on hers - sweet!!
Then came more spookiness with trick or treating at the stores. 
Bonus - I even shopped a little!! :)
Maddy pointing out the Uggs -- keep dreaming sweetie!
We had a perfectly sunny chilly day and another bonus -- got to wear our Halloween costumes more than once. 
Yes, that's right -I wore a costume too -- I was a wizard sorceress! 
 Maddy helped me pick out my costume a couple weeks ago. 
Since she didn't pick an big old gray wig, thermal stockings and a walker,
I was thrilled! :)

So many shops had employees dressed up!

Frankenstein scared Kamree and she ran away from him and his assistant!
And we ended our trick or treating with a story at Barnes & Noble*
read by a scary witch!


Courtney said...

What a fun night. Our outlet mall does trick or treat and they say it is really nice. Have a great week.

Jean said...

It looks like a wonderful day!!
Our community does that too and I love it!!
(we were out of town for the celebration BUT the kids were still able to go!!

The actual day here is quite cold trick n treating at night so I love the bonus celebrations!!

Happy Halloween to you and Maddy!

Jodee said...

Thanks so much for the fun Halloweekend! We had a blast!

Kim K. said...

Darling! How cool that you also dressed up!! Love the wizard sorceress costume.

Mandy said...

So, so fun!!!
I'm very envious of your Trader Joes! Our closest one is a 35 min drive!