Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hello November

Hello November! 
Wow -- doesn't this year seem to be speeding by?

Hello American Girl Doll!!  
Maddy put an entry into an American girl contest. 
She'd been thinking about it the whole month and
finally we got a little video accomplished on the very last day!
So sweet! (Sorry, couldn't get it to load).

Hello decorative cabbage! 
Did more yard work -- raking and mowing -- rinse and repeat-
seems to be never ending and makes me a little sad to see
trees bare already! 
We planted some purple cabbage here and there in the yard. 
Love that stuff and it loves cold weather -- last year it grew through January!!
Maddy and I went to a performance of Jugglemania with Shoehorn last Thursday.
Wasn't too sure about it and kind of hate to go to things on a school night,
but it was fabulous -- and so were our seats  -- in the very front row! 
Maddy laughed and laughed (me too) -- fun to see her enjoy it so much.
Hello photo shoots! 
We keep attempting to get a Christmas card photo!
One of these days we'll catch a good one, I'm sure!
Hello November!


Kim K. said...

Happy November!! Darling photos of Maddy.

Love Letters To China said...

Happy November to you too! You've been quite busy. So happy to see your daughter still loves to play with her AG dolls. So does mine. Want to keep her acting young as long as I can. :-)

p.s. Your cabbage is gorgeous! Wish I could grow something that beautiful down here. Way too hot that's for sure. ;-)

Jodee said...

I agree! This year is zipping right by! Love your Christmas pictures and can't wait to see more! Meet you at Holmes Lake soon!

Sammy said...

I love your gray room!