Monday, January 28, 2013

January Weekend Update

Every year I dread January.
The month seems to drag on and on and on . . .
It's cold and dreary and such a long month --
do you feel the same???
I thought so!

We struggled through the beginning of the month with snow and
an arctic chill and then -- guess what --
it warmed up!
Love it when that happens, especially in January!!
So, Maddy and I planned a fun day on Saturday --
the laundry and decluttering.

 It just so happened, that the church and school I attended had
its annual Flower Show. 
They plan it for January to give us all hope for spring. 
A quick day road trip was in order!

One of the many gorgeous flower arrangements

I made my First Communion, Confirmation and
graduation from 8th grade and high school at Cathedral.
 It is such a beautiful Spanish Renaissance church  --
really a special spiritual place.
Brought back so many memories to be there!

Isn't this Cathedral lovely!!
It was quite the fun Mother/Daughter day!
First we shopped at Pottery Bar*n and some other local shops;
had lunch together at a sweet bakery cafe
(not a fast food place -- so unusual for us),
stopped at a major furniture store (just looked -- no purchases)
 and finally got to the flower show.
It was go, go, go and SO much fun -- just the kind of day
I'd always hoped
to have with my daughter some day.

Having a little fun at at waterfall at the mall!


Kim K. said...

Looks like the perfect day to share with your daughter. I think spring flowers in January is absolutely heavenly right now.

Laurie said...

Oh my goodness, what beautiful pictures! The cascading flowers are just amazing, and that church. Oh my!! Thanks for sharing!!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

A flower show in January is a great idea! It is just so blah here in January!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Cathedral looks amazing!!! is this is the same town you live in now?

looks like you two had a pretty perfect day!


lori carolina said...

Oh that's wonderful, what a great way to spend the day. (I love the part about living out your dream:)
That cathedral is GORGEOUS!!
And yes, the January dreariness ...(though your snow pic is beautiful), is almost over!!

Michelle said...

January does indeed feel long, but the hope of spring keeps me going. Those beautiful flowers and that church are sure to lift your spirits. Great post!

Courtney said...

What a fun day. I love all those beautiful flowers. So far January hasn't bothered me, I think because I have just been so busy.

Jodee said...

Wow! What a fun day! I wish I could have joined you for lunch and shopping! I love Regency!

The Richmeister said...

I love a good mommy/daughter day

Lisa said...

woops!! richmeister is my husband. don't get weirded out. I forgot he was logged in. duh!!