Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day(s)!!

My, oh my, guess what we've been having?
The storm had just started!
And two snow days off from school!!
Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel was in town
reporting from Q Street
since they called this storm "Q"
for quantity!
But, guess what, we didn't get a whole lot of snow, so
the Q didn't quite measure up!
Nonetheless, a snow day is a great day!!
My office closed early -- unheard of -- but so nice!

Maddy and I took Muffy for a walk in the snow.
She loved it!
Muffy sees a Squirrel!?!
Also did a little sledding --
very little - as there are no real hills nearby.
More snow is in the forecast, but I am actually praying for a warm up!
Shhhh -- don't tell -- some people LOVE snow! :)
Happy Weekend!


Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

We got 7 inches of snow, but so far no snow day, only a late start. The kids were praying for a snow day. Hope you have fun playing in the snow!

Courtney said...

We ended up with an ice day today, at least you had a pretty snow. This winter has not been a great snow maker, just lots of wind and cold, not my favorite things. I am with you, bring on spring!

Gail said...

We got 6 inches and I was happy it wasn't a lot more!! It's always fun when the kids get a snow day(I remember those days for me).

Muffy is adorable in her little jacket!!

Jodee said...

We really lucked out again! I thought we were going to get drilled!

Love your snow pictures! Maddy and Muffy look so cute too!

Hurry up, spring!

Lori said...

lol "some people love snow" .....i like it in small doses or large does, but from the inside. snow days off from work and school are pretty awesome though! sure makes for pretty pics though.
thanks so much for the sweet comment, you have some celebrations coming up too, enjoy!!