Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Weekend Update!

We loved Thanksgiving
and the extra time with family!
Plus, it was so wonderful to be away
from work for a few extra days
(though I did work from home a little).
Maddy and I went to see Disney's "Frozen"
movie on Thanksgiving day.
Great movie!!
We loved it!
She invited Mr. Tennis to go
see it with her again on Saturday,
so you know it was good
if she wanted to see it again so soon!
I dragged took her to see Santa
and his reindeers. . .
in a parking lot!
The setting wasn't the greatest,
but he was a wonderful Santa!
Later, Muffy had her
holiday photo taken,
so I managed to embarrass both
Maddy and Muffy on the
same day!
Go me!


Musings from Kim K. said...

When we were at Disney a week ago, we saw in Epcot some behind-the-scenes making of Frozen in the country of Norway. I can't wait to take the girls to the movie. I think even Emma will want to attend. Darling picture of Maddie. I need to get Josie to a Santa!

starnes family said...

She is just too cute!

I've heard Frozen is fantastic. Must see! I'm not a big Disney movie fan....but this one sounds like it's a definite.

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

My kids want to go see that movie and I have heard good things from others. Glad you had a good holiday!

Courtney said...

I have heard so many good things about that movie. I am hoping to take Madison.