Wednesday, May 21, 2014

One Last Disney Post!

Am I crazy?
I'm already thinking about another trip to Disney!

On our last full day, Maddy and I left the guys sleeping
and headed out early!
Perfect plan!

Even though we were in line 10 minutes after the line started for Elsa and Anna,
 there was a 
wait of 2+ hours!  We'll catch them next time!
There were
plenty of rides to go on and people to see!

The beautiful Merida had a long line
even though it's been years since Brave came out!
She was so pretty and sweet with that
gorgeous hair!

We were able to jump on the teacups (my fave),
Dumbo, the Goofy Rollercoaster, Philharmagic
and It's a Small World without any waits at all.
Yes, that song was with me all day and is now running through my mind again!

Our favorite characters this visit
ended up being Cinderella's stepmother
and her stepsisters!
Oh my word -- they were a hoot!
A toddler was crying in line and
they yelled at the kid (loudly and not in the nicest voice) --
And yes, he did stop crying!

It was really one of the best trips ever
and we all hated to see it come to an end!
My silly Disney-loving girl
wore her sweet ears all the way home on the plane!

See you next time Mickey!


Love Letters To China said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation. I could tell you guys definitely had a wonderful time. You're making me want to go back again. It's gotten too hot now. Need to wait until winter when the temps go down and the long lines are that much more tolerable.


Musings from Kim K. said...

How sweet does Maddy look with all those characters and those adorable ears! Glad you were able to sneak off during the renovation. Smart thinking!

Catherine said...

Cute pics! Love the story about Cinderella's stepsisters. Too funny!

Jodee said...

You guys always have the best time. I love how you ditched the boys! I am expecting daily posts now. I am just sayin!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

when is the next trip? Looks like a blast! Was it cool there?


starnes family said...

So fun!!!!!! Go back to Disney as much as you can. Childhood goes fast!

Love the stepsisters pic!

Alyson and Ford said...

We live less than three hours from there, next time you are in Orlando, let us know. We need to meet you. Have followed your blog forever!

Alyzabeth's Mommy