Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Change Will Do You (I mean Me) Good!

Hello Friends -- Happy June!
How can it be June already?
Flowers from my sister!

I have a big change to announce . . . 
I'm no longer working at a full-time job!
Yippee Skippee!
After working since I was 15 years old  --
no, not at the same job silly -- 
I decided it was time for me to take a break!

My coworkers may have thought I needed a break after
 I wore "Where's Waldo" glasses at work last Halloween!

I am not saying that I've retired as I'm sure you know
I am NOT old enough to retire!
So, let's call it focusing on other things!
Like my most adorable family!

Yummy chocolates from Jodee on my last day!
As you might guess, Maddy is beyond thrilled!
We plan to ride bicycles, go to the zoo, spend time with Philip and Catherine and the little kids,
learn something new,
clean the house, declutter, go to the pool,
and basically do whatever we feel like doing!

Mr. Tennis said that I could perhaps re-acquaint myself with the iron and ironing board! 
And figure out how the oven works!  
Too funny!  
Ha!  He cracks me up!!  
Me and Jodee -- we may have had a reputation of talking too much sometimes!

It was really a tough decision as I'd worked at the same law firm for almost 32 years!
I was nearly a blubbering fool on my last day,
but managed to contain myself by forcing my co-workers to get in 
"selfies + 1" photos with me!

Sorry I can't post them all, but may try to sneak one or two in as time goes by!

Office manager and me -- our offices were next door and we often chatted about our grandkids!

Loved the people I worked with and miss them already!

One of the lawyers I've worked with for 30+ years!

Another of the lawyers I worked with -- sorry for my psycho look - blaming it on the Iphone!
Maddy is a little concerned about how I will fill my time
when summer is over and it's back to school for her!
She thinks I'd make a good Lunch Lady! :)
Bring on the summer fun!


Jodee said...

Congrats on your new SAHM status! I am beyond excited for you! However, I miss you like crazy cakes and especially when I am in your office filing every single day! HA HA! I am about ready to put up a new mirror too. Now I have to go to the restroom to check on my bad hair day! No, seriously -- enjoy every single minute. You deserve it!

P.S. I may or may not be jealous that you don't have to race the clock any more! Boo hoo!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Congratulations! I'm thrilled for you. I'm sure Maddy and your grands will love having you available this summer. Imagine the adventures you will have. Woo hoo!!!!

Laurie said...

We've already chatted about this, but I had to get it in blog history that I'm so happy for you and can't wait to hear about your new adventures as a SAHM. Meanwhile, I really need a job! Ha! :)

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

As a former SAHM I can tell you that you will never regret it! That extra time with your loved ones is priceless. Good luck!

Love Letters To China said...

Congratulations! You're going to love spending extra time with your family. So happy for you. :-)

starnes family said...

I love everything about this!!!!! And, OF COURSE Jodee brought the cutest celebratory gift. I swear.....I can't keep up with that girl!

Enjoy every minute and congrats on a big decision. Life is short. Enjoy it!

Courtney said...

Congratulations on this new step. I know you will find plenty to fill your time with. Enjoy the summer!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

wow! Congrats!


Lisa said...

good for you! Yay! Here's a tip, lose the iron!