Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello Summer - Hello Monday!

Well . . . Hello Summer!

Actually, we have had such hot temps since early May,
so it has felt like summer for quite some time!
But, after that long, cold winter, who cares!
Bring on the warm temps!
(Hate to wish it away, but my frizzy hair and I could do without
the extreme humidity!)  
I scared a few people the other 
morning after my early morning run! 
 Not kidding!

Anywho, here's to summer and some of our favorite things!

So happy to see my lovely hydrangea decide to bloom this year!

The bee balm is also blooming!
I always think of it as a precursor to the 4th of July
as it reminds me of a firework!

With that name, I figured it was a flower to either keep
away or lure bees!
Not so!

You can actually make tea from the leaves 
which is a balm for sore throats and headaches!
Bonus -- the oil in the leaves can be used to treat
insect bites and congestion!
it has a lovely big red bloom!
Who knew all these interesting facts??
Dr. Google, that's who!
And now, you do too!

Summer is time for the pool
and chips for Miss M -- that chip-loving girl!

Big bro, Connor (Cboo) also was able to join us one afternoon
at the pool.

Welcome Summer -- we are so happy to 
have you back!


Musings from Kim K. said...

Yippee for summer fun and beautiful blooms and hot temps! I can totally relate to the summer hair frizz. I got drenched on my way into work this morning and now my hair is scary frizzy mess. I just pulled a bunch of hairpins out of my purse to tame the beast.

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

I may need to plant some of that bee balm. Does it get tall? Is it a perennial? I may have to do some research.

Courtney said...

Love all the summer fun. What did we ever do without Google?? I am trying not to complain about the weather because I still remember the brutal cold and snow and I don't want to go back to that.

Jodee said...

Holy smokes! Your flowers are beautiful this year! I can't believe you kept your green thumb secret from us for so many years!

Love, love, love Maddy's chevron suit. Where did you get it? Kamree must have it!

starnes family said...

Yay for summer! Your flowers look gorgeous.