Thursday, August 28, 2014

August Birthdays!

I'm not quite sure just how we got to 
the end of August already! 
Boo hoo!!  
Summer -- please don't go!

What a great cake smash!  Borrowed this photo from his sweet parents!

But, before we let August slip away,
we must celebrate a few August family birthdays!
First, we have baby Harry, the youngest grandson!
His first birthday was a couple of weeks ago.
He is simply little Mr. Adorable -
his sweet face matches his very sweet disposition!
He's standing on his own and ready to walk -- 
the only problem is that he can get where he's going faster
crawling!  Seriously, he is a little speed demon!

Just after Harry's birthday
was my younger sister, Amy's birthday!
Wish we could have seen her for her birthday -
we need to do some celebrating!
Gin and tonics for all, right Amy?! :)

Then just last week, it was Big Al's birthday
my Dad, Al, that is!
Maddy and I were so happy to see him earlier 
this month.
He just turned 91! 

Al, in earlier years, working on the train at the Henry Doorly zoo after his retirement
from the real railroad!

Happy Birthday Harry, Amy and Al!
You are all so very special!


Jodee said...

Happy birthday to your sweet family! Love these pictures!

Laurie said...

I loved seeing the pics of people we don't see very often. That's so awesome that your dad is turning 91. Wow!! :) Enjoy the celebrating!!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Birthday blessings to your lovely family! Happy long weekend too!

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness what a precious little sweetheart your little grandson is. What a blessing to still have your dad around at 91.

Lisa said...

happy birthday to the fam!

starnes family said...

I want Amy's shirt! Darling! And, a gin and tonic, please.