Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Friday - Hello August!

Say it ain't so!
How did it get to be August already???
Slow down summer!

Maddy and I had a fun last day of July yesterday!
We went mini-golfing and borrowed Miss Kamree
to go with us!

Oh my word!
It was a blast!
We loved golfing with that girl!
And bonus -- she made a hole-in-one
and so did I! 

In other news,
Southern Living has reported that it's
 National Cheesecake Day!
Shocker (since I love all goodies) but I am
not a huge fan of cheesecake!
However . . .
when chocolate is involved - I'm there!
I don't make it often - but I love
this Chocolate and Vanilla Cake!
It's called just "cake" but it is really cheesecake.

Adding this to my weekend list of things to do!
Make a cake!

Happy August
Happy Weekend!


Musings from Kim K. said...

Happy August! Love the idea of celebrating with cheesecake too! What fun to enjoy some mini golfing with Miss Kamree. I'm in denial that July is gone.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

wish I could drop by for a coffee and a piece of that cheesecake.


starnes family said...

Worlds colliding! That cake looks fabulous, too.

Laurie said...

Coming over soon for that cheesecake. YUM!!

Jodee said...

Thanks again for taking Kamree golfing. She had loads of fun and you were a lifesaver to us!