Monday, January 12, 2015

2014 in Review - A Look Back

I'm rather late to the review of the past year, 
but, I still wanted to do a quick look back!

Go figure -- January 2014 was extremely cold -
just like this year -- deja vu all over again!
One of our favorite moments from January 2014
was seeing the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!!

In February, we celebrated granddaughter Janie Boo's 4th Birthday
and her Dad's 29th!

In March and April, we waited out the winter,
had one last big snowstorm in April and
prepared for the never-ending hardwood floor re-do that finally was
completed in July or August!
we had our annual trip to DisneyWorld (love that place!)

My son, Philip, Catherine and family moved to our fair city in May,
making the month of May an exciting month!
A Mother's Day brunch and later the end of 6th grade finished out one
of my favorite months ever!

June went by in a blur as I retired from my long-time
paralegal career.  To say that I missed (and still miss) my friends and
co-workers is an understatement.
But, super fun to have some time off with my girl, Maddy!
Dance recital and then Maddy had toe surgeries that put a bit of a damper
on some summer activities.

Visits to the zoo, mini-golfing and just plain hanging out made the start to summer
loads of fun!

July is almost my favorite month of the year!
The 4th of July, my non-birthday, fun in the sun, the county fair And funnel cake
-- what's not to love
about July!

In August, Maddy and I took a quick trip to Cincinnati
to visit my sister, her husband and my Dad, Al!
It was so great to see them all.

Also enjoyed a bit more pool time
and then there was a 7th grader in the house!

August also meant I was drafted back to work
as the office administrator for Mr. Tennis!
That was an unexpected surprise! :)

September -- another favorite month as it is Connor's
birthday month and time to celebrate again!

October meant time to rake leaves and plan for Halloween
as well as homework, football , Boo at the Zoo and fun with friends -
also known as the Ninja Turtle Girls!

Wow -- November -- time for cool weather -- we had our first snowfall in November,
annual visit to the pumpkin patch, more leaves
and Thanksgiving!

December went by in a blur -- partly because it always does
and party because Mr. Tennis was ill. Happily, he's on the mend.
A new tradition of cookie-baking with Miss Janie and other Christmas festivities!
Plus . . .
A new teenager in the house in December with Maddy's birthday
on the 20th!  It was a special month and a great year!


Lisa said...

what a great year!

Jodee Leader said...

So many sweet memories wrapped up in one little post! What a great year! Cute pictures!

Musings from Kim K. said...

What a year for your family. I can't believe how grown up Maddy is looking. I have to admit when I look at your beautiful daughter, I picture my 8 year old growing up and it makes me realize how quickly time flies.

Laurie said...

LOVED your year in review. I'm still struggling with Maddy being in 7th grade. Just doesn't seem possible.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

great year! and love those stockings.

also, Ollie loves to roll in the snow on his back too!