Friday, January 30, 2015

Catholic Schools Week!

It's Catholic School's Week!

Dress like a Cowgirl or Cowboy
was the theme on Thursday at
Maddy's school!

It was Maddy's favorite day of the week!
She also enjoyed Dress Like a Teacher (a dress-up day) and 
spirit day which allowed for jeans and a Cathedral or Pius tee-shirt!
When you wear a uniform every single day, a few days of real clothes makes the kiddos so happy! 

We love our Catholic schools!  
While we have excellent public schools here, 
Mr. Tennis and I made the decision to send our kids to Catholic schools.
  Having our kids learn about and practice their faith at  school and daily mass 
and throughout the day every day is so wonderful and important to us.
Add to that the excellent teachers and education being offered 
made our Catholic schools a very good choice for our family.
We love that the priests visit the classrooms often and the teachers and staff 
can teach about God every day.  
We know there is power in prayer - we've seen it in action. 

Our school may not offer the latest gadgets and electronics, but it does offer an 
education in faith and virtues that will carry them throughout their life. 

We love our Catholic Schools!


Billie Jo said...

Look at that! I'm your 100th Follower! : )
I am visiting from my sweet friend Kelli's blog, and am glad I hopped over.
Have a cozy weekend, and I shall be visiting again soon.

Jean said...

We love Catholic schools, too! If I wasn't home schooling we would want them in the catholic schools! This is such a fun week! We have many great memories of this week from the older children! Blessings to you!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

We LOVE Catholic schools at our house too! It is a huge sacrifice to pay the tuition, but worth it. We had a great Catholic schools week with: dress like your future profession, dress-up day, mission jeans day, grandparents day, movies one afternoon, ice cream, etc.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

"education in faith and virtues" i love that.


Jodee said...

Hooray for Catholic Schools! Had NAM let us join their church earlier, our punks would have joined you! However, I am sure Carson's stubborn and very competitive nature would have been a recipe for disaster there! Therefore, I think a big public school suits him just fine! HA HA!

Love the cowgirl picture! So cute!

Jodee said...
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