Friday, September 4, 2015

Crisp, Crumble or Cobbler???

Last year, my son wowed us with his
Peach Crisp or is it Crumble?
I vowed to try to duplicate it as the only crumble or crisp
I've ever made is Apple Crisp!

Lo and behold Mr. Miata brought home too many peaches one day,
so my plan was in place ---
get those peaches ripe and 
and make me some peach crisp/crumble.

Photo - courtesy of the World Wide Web
But . . . I was foiled by Mr. Miata eating too many 
of the peaches, but that's what stores are for, right!!
Just  had to wait a few more days for new
peaches to ripen!

Finally, it was time!
The other day, I actually made the 
Peach Crumble or is it Peach Crisp???

It turned out fabulous -- though truthfully it
took longer and was way messier than I thought it 
would be. 
Peaches are juicy!

Mr. Miata and Maddy declared it a huge success!  
Served with a lovely scoop of vanilla ice cream
 and you've yourself got a meal!  :)
You've never head of a one-dish meal??

Peach Crisp/Crumble -- it's what's for dinner!  


Jennie said...

HaHa - that is my kind of dinner as well. Crumbly peach crisp (or is it crispy peach crumble??) looks awesome!

Kelli said...

I can always have dessert for dinner!
Have a great weekend!

Sue said...

Looks yummy!

Jodee said...

That looks sooo delish and I would almost kill to have some right now! Life is short. Eat dessert first!