Friday, October 9, 2015

While I Was Away

In case you're wondering (or not)
while I was away visiting my Dad,
Mr. Miata and Maddy had 
a fabulous time together!

They sent me updates with photos of 
what they were doing during my absence.
Maddy had a golf lesson!

They went out to eat at a new restaurant
and both gave it a big thumbs up!

They played tennis!

They ate at a favorite Chinese restaurant.

They went horseback riding.

They went to the movies -- Everest -- too scary for me!
The bookstore and frozen yogurt shop were also on their list to places to go
and they went to both!

Bonus for me - they had my big red jeep cleaned and detailed!

And, of course, they missed me!
But, they absolutely had the best time together!


Jen Kershner said...

I love this so much! I love when a daddy is engaged and it was clearly so good for both of them. By the way, her smile! She just exudes joy!

Laurie said...

That is a LOT of fun packed into a short amount of time- WOW!!!

Musings from Kim K. said...

What fabulous adventures they had together! They sure did pack in a lot of wonderful activities. How nice to come home to a clean vehicle too! Bonus!

Jodee said...

Wow! I am sooo impressed! I think you and Amy better book another trip soon!