Thursday, February 11, 2016

High School Orientation!

Big night last Monday night . . .
High School Orientation for Miss M!

She will be attending our local (the one and only)
Catholic high school where her brothers
attended and mastered the curriculum
and dominated the tennis courts! :)

Photo courtesy of Pius website
Huge crowd at orientation with students and parents
from all of the city's Catholic elementary schools and 
any other interested students in town.

Truth be told, I think the guidance counselor
scared most of the kids with the class
schedule -- oy -- how to handle all those classes,
find the way through the halls and the most 
important task of all . . .
figure out how to open your locker!

There are tons of activities and clubs to participate in at Pius.
She took information on choir, cheerleading and tennis!

Photo courtesy of Pius website

It will be an exciting time to be sure!
Gooooooooo Bolts!


Billie Jo said...

Such an exciting time for her...for all of you!!!

michelle said...

Exciting and overwhelming all wrapped into one.

Jodee said...

I am so excited for Maddy! What a fun (but maybe scary) orientation!

Laurie said...

OH my gosh, HIGH SCHOOL!!! I know Maddy will love it there- and I can't wait to see pictures of her, involved in all sorts of activities! :)

Lisa said...

wow! high school already!