Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Flippin and Jumping Week

This week is a big one in Miss M's schedule!
Cheerleading practice and tryouts for high school take place every night this week.
She does cartwheels all over the place!

She has the smile and spirit of a cheerleader!
Of course, I'm her biggest cheerleader . . .
even though a somersault is beyond my skill level!
Never could do a cartwheel though my twin sister cartwheeled
all over the house.
What I can say??
She was born first, 
so she got the cartwheel gene! :)

Tryouts are Friday evening and
results are posted at 10 PM!


shortybear said...

I truly hope she makes it.

Laurie said...

Good luck, Maddy!! Hope you make the team!

Billie Jo said...

Good Luck, Maddy!!!!
Woo Hoo!!!!

Kelli said...

Good luck Maddy!!

Jodee said...

Love the cartwheel pictures! I didn't get that gene either!