Monday, May 9, 2016

A Favorite Coach!

Sometimes a coach makes a huge difference in an athlete's life, abilities
and confidence.
We've been blessed to have the most amazing tumbling coach
for Maddy for the last year.

She worked with Maddy weekly and together they
perfected front walkovers, front flips, roundups and backflips.
These two worked and worked on getting the tumbling moves just right!

In addition, she helped Maddy develop confidence in her
own ability to master these tumbling milestones.
It may look easy peasy when gymnasts or cheerleaders
do a front or back flip -- but it takes a lot of physical
work, coordination and confidence.

Maddy's coach just graduated from the University with
a 4.0 gradepoint for every year!  
She managed that honors gradepoint while working almost full-time
with competitive cheer teams and also doing private lessons!
She already has a job teaching
3rd graders in Las Vegas -- her dream job!
Rachel has been such a wonderful and positive influence
to Maddy.  She helped her so much during 
cheer tryouts and celebrated with her
when Maddy made the freshman team.
We said goodbye and good luck to Rachel last
week as she heads out of Nebraska -- yes - there were tears all around.
She will definitely be missed!


Billie Jo said...

What a wonderful example of a young person today!
Good for her!!
Sad for you, I'm certain...
But I imagine they will keep in touch. : )

Jen Kershner said...

How sweet! It's sounds like she will be a great teacher. She clearly picked the right career!

Jodee said...

What an amazing gal! I'm sad for Maddy!