Wednesday, August 24, 2016

High School!

Oh gosh, Maddy's in her second week of high school
and I haven't even talked about her first day or first week yet!
So, sit back, get your coffee and here goes!

The freshman!!!
Oh my word -- they are just adorable.
School started an hour late on the first day - that was nice!
But, Maddy and I had to be there early to sell planners for
a cheer fundraiser.  Great little planners -- I even bought myself one!
It was so fun to see the students all coming in for the first day
 in their uniforms and Birks (Birkenstocks seem to be the
shoes for high school -- with socks, of course) and 
giving friends big hugs and high fives!  

Even though there is only 5 minutes between classes, Maddy was on time 
to her classes and did not get lost!  
One of her friends went into two wrong classes and 
then was late to her real classes plus the poor girl couldn't get her locker open!
We went in a day early and walked her schedule so I'm sure that helped.
Maddy was so happy to see familiar faces from her grade school
and friends from the cheer squads -- just seeing friendly faces
helped with the nervousness that comes with a new experience.

Every day improved a bit!  
The best thing about uniforms is 
the only clothing decision to be made is what color polo and
 what color shorts to wear!
Easy peasy -- love that!

Cheer practices continue and the big Fall Kickoff occurred last Friday!
Sadly, stormy weather meant it had to be at the inside gym instead of the
football field, so the big performance the cheerleaders had
planned and worked on ALL summer was cut back to a
short performance.  Homecoming is coming up fast
and fingers crossed that the big performance will be then.

Now, if only her backpack wasn't quite so full or heavy 
[not enough time to get to her locker between classes],
everything would be near-perfect.

Welcome to high school!


Michelle said...

It's hard to believe your beautiful girl is in High School! Glad to hear she is settling in and taking it all in stride!

Billie Jo said...

So exciting!
So happy she is enjoying high school!
Can't wait to follow along!!!!

Jill said...

Ahhh high school always an adventure ;-) My oldest is a sophmore this year and starts on Monday! Wishing your daughter all the best!


Katie Clooney said...

What an exciting time for you two. My girls' high school shows a slide show on graduation day of the girl's freshman photo morphing into their senior picture. Not a dry eye in the house. Enjoy every minute, as I am sure you will.

Jen Kershner said...

She even looks adorable in her uniform! We have the same backpack/locker issues here! Hope she has a wonderful year.

Kelli said...

So happy she is enjoying high school! She looks so cute in her uniform!

Jodee said...

What an exciting year for Maddy! I hope she continues to love high school!