Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sister/Cousin Fun

Even if it wasn't 't officially Sister/Cousin day last Sunday, it was for us!  
My little sister, her husband and daughter were in town for a quick visit from Florida.
Besides seeing her in-laws  too, they were looking at the university.

Amy, me, Maddy, Granddaughter Jane

How can it even be possible that the sweet baby girl I met with Amy in 2000
will be headed to college next year!

Maddy & Grace

Grace is absolutely one of Maddy's favorite cousins!  We really wished
we had more time with them, but were happy to have one evening together. 
We had a wonderful family pizza dinner at Philip's so Amy and family could meet
Harry (now 3) and baby Dorothy!

Just before they headed out, we made a quick request for a few photos! 
It was such a scramble that we missed getting others in the photos too!
Next time!

It was so good to see them all and spend some time together!  Now, cross your fingers that our University is her favorite and she picks the Big Red!


Billie Jo said...

Visits from family are always fun!
Glad you got one in!
Hope all is well...
Have we started High School yet???

Laurie said...

Glad you had fun reconnecting.... and I really hope she'll pick Nebraska too- how cool would that be??? :)

Lisa said...

family time! nice!

Kelli said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time!! Are you back in school yet?

Jodee said...

What a fun visit! I hope Grace picks NE too!