Friday, October 14, 2016

Freshie Bonding Session - Pumpkin Style

Last weekend, the freshies (freshman cheerleaders)
were all invited to a pizza and pumpkin fest at one of
the cheer captain's homes!

They had pizza, made caramel apples and
painted pumpkins!
It was a really nice break for the girls from the
busy-busy-busyness of cheering commitments,
homework, studying for quizzes and attempting to fit in something 
fun once in a while -- like shopping! :)

The struggle is real~~being a high schooler these
days is not at all like it was back in the dark ages
 when I was in high school!
Yes, dinosaurs did roam the earth back when I was a 
coed at my local Catholic high school
Go Cardinals!

These girls are so sweet and work so hard at cheer 
and at school!
Thanks to the Mom and co-captains for providing such a fun
activity and break!

Happy TGIF!
We are hoping to fit in some shopping this weekend!
What about you???


Billie Jo said...

What a fantastic idea!!!
Things are so very exciting in your neck of the woods, my friend!!!
I imagine you are at a game right now!!!
And have a cozy weekend. : )

Jodee said...

How fun! These girls deserve some down time too! I still can't believe how busy cheer and homework keep them! Boo hoo! Bring back the 70's!