Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Carving Pumpkins!

Happy November!

How in the world did October zip by so fast???
I'm a wee bit behind in blogging, so please forgive
me for continuing to blog about
Halloween-related topics!

We generally don't carve our pumpkins --
there is no need -
the squirrels destroy them before
we even have a chance to get out
the carving knife!
Dads and daughters
This year, the cheerleaders (yes, more about the cheerleaders!)
had a Father/Daughter pumpkin carving get-together!
How sweet is that!
As is his usual MO, Mr. Tennis wore dress pants, 
a button-down shirt and Brooks Brothers vest!
He said the vest made it a casual ensemble!

The girls and their Dads had a great time.
Reports were that most Dads did the carving while some of the 
girls read and/or updated their social media accounts!
Maddy assisted Mr. Tennis and they
carved a two-sided pumpkin.
On one side was a normal pumpkin face with a 
Thunderbolt (Pius emblem) 
and on the other was the other
Pius emblem - Px

Mr. Tennis was the winner of the "first Dad finished
with carving" and the "two-sided" carving victor!
Truthfully, I think he named himself the winner in both categories!
What a hoot!
They had a blast
and we finally had a pumpkin we could put a 
candle in for Halloween!


Laurie said...

I LOVE the idea of the father/daughter event- what a blast! And the vest comment cracks me up! :)

Lisa said...

sweet idea!

Jodee said...

Love, love, love this outing and hopefully tradition!

P.S. I would take being overdressed over being underdressed any day! I can't get people out of their sweats and t-shirts at our house! I think Mr. Tennis looks fabulous in his vest! LOL