Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Little Entrepreneur!

Miss Maddy and Muffy have been big fans of Instagram
dog accounts
and doggie bandanas for quite some time.
They have won many contests and "modeling" gigs -- 
Muffy is the model and paid with many, many doggie treats!
Hmmm -- perhaps that could be contributing to her (Muffy's)
winter weight gain!

Muffy modeling the "Picnic Plaid" bandana
For the past six months, Maddy has been designing 
the perfect doggie bandana in her spare time.  She's tried the tie-on ones,
the snap-on ones, velcro, etc.,
but neither she nor Muffy were fans.
They often came unfastened or caught Muffy's fur.
So, they determined a slide-on over-the-collar
bandana would be the way to go.
Your doggie cannot escape the fashionable bandana look
when it is fastened over the collar!
Sooooooo, she and I developed a pattern of sorts
and hit the fabric stores!

We made quite a few winter/Christmas bandanas, but did not have the 
Etsy store up and running at that time.  
We've really become focused on the spring/summer line!  
Miss M went to work and figured it out and now she has her
own little storefront on Etsy (happyhoundcollection).

Some of the spring collection
My little sewing machine is getting a workout!
If you're wondering about the division of labor in this enterprise,
Maddy is the taskmaster/designer/cutter of fabric/etsy go-to-person,
packaging master and
I am the seamstress.  
One of our favorite fabrics with either pink or purple on the reverse.
We love some of the spring fabrics we've found and the bandanas
are totally reversible!  
We offer two sizes (mini --our Scottie wears a mini) and
standard  size for larger dogs.  By special order, we can do Jumbo
for really big pups!

Easter Peeps and pastel plaid on the reverse side!
If you have time and the inclination, check out 
her Etsy store (happyhoundcollection)!  
Or contact me through the blog and I'll see what I can do.
She's quite the little entrepreneur!

While it is a bit of work when I would normally be lounging
on the sofa watching The Real Housewives or cleaning house (ha),  it's
totally fun to do with Maddy and it reminds me 
of my sweet Mom and how much she loved to sew!
She'd be so proud of us!


Jodee said...

Love your new Etsy shop and the fabric you have picked out too! I will give you some advertising on my blog too if I can steal your pictures!

Billie Jo said...

Heading over now!!!! : )

Lisa said...

so cute!! or should I say, "sew cute?" ;)

Kelli said...

These are so cute! I am going to visit your shop!