Monday, April 3, 2017

Welcome April!

Hello April!
Hello Rainy Weather!
Boo hoo - missing the sun and warm temps here!
I'm hoping that mentioning our rainy and dreary weather will
make it go away! 
Fingers crossed!

In other random news, I took Mr. Tennis to 
the Amtrak station the other morning at 3:05 AM
to catch a train headed East.
Yes, his train departed at 3:20 AM -- not my 
favorite time of day to be out!
I used to take the very same train (well, probably not the exact same train), 
but similar schedule for the train back and forth to college.
I loved riding the rails!  Visiting the club car and  watching Iowa speed by
in front of my very eyes was so relaxing!
Ahhhh - -those were the days my friend!

The el trains I used to take in Philadelphia were not 
quite so clean and relaxing! :)

In other random news -- cheer tryouts are this week!
It's going to be a busy, busy week for Miss M - with cheer practices,  
tryouts and homework too - plus the bandana business 
is going strong and we are sewing a LOT! :)

Soooooo, that's the way our week looks -
hope you have a wonderful week too!


Billie Jo said...

Sounds busy!
But fun stuff busy, you know? I am sure she is excited about this year's tryouts!
Good Luck to her!!!

Laurie said...

I love April!!! And I love taking the train too! We have one close to our house, and my mom takes it a couple times a year to come visit us. I'll never tire of picking someone up from the train- it's just fun! :) Good luck to Maddy this week- she's going to do GREAT!!

Jodee said...

I hope that Mr. Tennis has a safe trip. I'm anxious to take the train somewhere. Where do you recommend? Chicago?!

Best of luck to Maddy this week! It's such an exciting, but stressful, time for both of you, and I know that she will do great too!

Lisa said...

the things we do for our hubby's!